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 Jennifer Outwater is ranked among the top 12 Psychic Mediums in the World. She is a mother of three children and for her family comes first.  The work she does is filled with a passion for helping others and her goal is to provide you with the help you need so that you can find peace and joy in your life. Operating on the principles of the Law of Attraction it is her goal to aid you in living your life to it's full potential. What do she provide?  Psychic readings you can believe in!

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Psychic Medium Jennifer Outwater
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Jennifer is currently listed among the top 12 Psychic Mediums in the world.
 Phone appointments are available Mon- Friday from 10AM- 6PM. Due to a full schedule booking a week prior is recommended. To book your appointment email Jennifer Outwater today at jenmaco1171@gmail.com

You know  the difficult part about life and relationships is that we are always looking for an external force to fill the internal need.  When what is really required for happiness is filling yourself... finding you!  You will never be happy if you are always looking out side yourself for happiness.  When we constantly look for reasons to justify a relationship ending it is because we are unable to deal with the fact that something about us is broken and needs to be fixed... rather we look for validation that we meant something to that person or that they suffer without us.  I said to my husband last night, " life and relationships are ego based because we are in constant need for others to validate our existence, to validate that we are here, alive, and valuable."  You have to fix you first... then you can attract the right type of person into your life.