Disposable Contact Lenses Invented

disposable contact lenses invented
    disposable contact
  • (disposable contacts) Contact lenses designed to be thrown away daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly.
  • (invent) come up with (an idea, plan, explanation, theory, or principle) after a mental effort; "excogitate a way to measure the speed of light"
  • (invent) fabricate: make up something artificial or untrue
  • (invention) the creation of something in the mind
  • Make up (an idea, name, story, etc.), esp. so as to deceive
  • Create or design (something that has not existed before); be the originator of
  • (lens) biconvex transparent body situated behind the iris in the eye; its role (along with the cornea) is to focuses light on the retina
  • A piece of glass or other transparent substance with curved sides for concentrating or dispersing light rays, used singly (as in a magnifying glass) or with other lenses (as in a telescope)
  • (lens) genus of small erect or climbing herbs with pinnate leaves and small inconspicuous white flowers and small flattened pods: lentils
  • An object or device that focuses or otherwise modifies the direction of movement of light, sound, electrons, etc
  • (lens) (metaphor) a channel through which something can be seen or understood; "the writer is the lens through which history can be seen"
  • The light-gathering device of a camera, typically containing a group of compound lenses

Bristol invented Bonfire Night ?
Bristol invented Bonfire Night ?
Bristol was famous for inventing Bonfire Night - No, you're right, it isn't but it should be. ? The councillors and aldermen provided an enormous bonfire ( on the rates of course ) As you put a match to your bonfire on November 5th, raise a glass of mulled wine to the good burghers of Bristol who invented the tradition. Quite why isn't certain - after all Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirators had no apparent local connections. But those were dangerous times, and the city corporation probably felt it wise to keep on the right side of whoever happened to be in power. What better way to show loyalty to King James and the Protestant Church than a civic bonfire to celebrate the grisly death of zealous Catholic Guy Fawkes who had plotted to blow up Parliament. By 1607 - two years after the Gunpowder Plot - the ordinary citizens of Bristol had already seized on November 5th as a good excuse for a party. As Bristol's annalist, John Latimer, wrote 'The records show that this day was already celebrated by popular manifestations' Popular manifestations - could be anything from bear and bull baiting, cock fighting, dancing, street fairs - to getting thoroughly drunk ? But this was all unofficial, of course, so in 1607 the Corporation decreed a civic celebration. 1607 was a fairly busy year, both here and abroad. Bristol and the Severn valley were still recovering from the worst floods in memory which killed 501 and left many feet of water in city cellars, shops and warehouses. A weird fish five feet long, three feet wide and with hands and feet was caught off Avonmouth and presented to the Mayor ( what he did with it isn't recorded ). Plague had broken out in London and was about to reach Bristol, and wagons and drays were banned from the narrow city streets on market days because of the huge traffic jams. Hopeful young playwright William Shakespeare had a new play premiered called Antony and Cleopatra, while in the American colonies, British adventurer John Smith was saved from death by Indian princess Pocahontas. But, nearer home, the 10,549 residents of Bristol were facing short rations after a disastrous harvest. What better way to take their minds off empty stomachs than a big knees-up ? Even better, it might also please crusty old King James whose plans to unite England and Scotland had just fallen through. So, on November 5th 1607, Bristol Corporation invented Bonfire Night. The councillors and aldermen provided an enormous bonfire ( on the rates of course ) although there is no reference to whether a Guy was burned. Perhaps it was too soon after the original one was hanged, drawn and quartered. It must have been a great success because it wasn't too long before every town and village had to have its own bonfire night party, too. Bristol tried to stay ahead by having two big bonfires every November 5th - one by the High Cross in the old city and one by the mayor's house. And over the years other traditions grew up, like fireworks, treacle toffee and parkin ( a treacle and oats cake ). Interestingly, the city accounts refer to the event as 'England's Holiday' so King James must have approved.
Since God Invented Girls
Since God Invented Girls
Collage and acrylic on paper 27x36 cm (#1442-1988/2009) - Elton John Songs Illustrated - "The mother of invention made it good for me, tighter in the rear, longer in the seam. Kicked out yards of leather, wrapped around her waist. Trimmed it to perfection and left a little space. Yeah, they got competition now all around the world, but there ain't been no lookin'back, SINCE GOD INVENTED GIRLS.... etc..." - Inspired by SGIG on the EJ 1988 album "Reg Strikes Back". old76 ------------------------------------------------------------- SINCE GOD INVENTED GIRLS Music & lyrics by Elton John & Bernie Taupin ------------------------------------------------------------- The mother of invention made it good for me Tighter in the rear Longer in the seam Kicked out yards of leather Wrapped around her waist Trimmed it to perfection And left a little space Yeah they got competition now All across the world But there ain't been no looking back Since God invented girls Now I know what Brian Wilson meant Every time I step outside I see what Heaven sent There may be seven wonders Created for this world But one is all we need Since God invented girls Higher on the heel, paler than pure cream Leaner on the sidewalk Cutting through the steam After claws and feathers He took skin and bone Shaped it like an hourglass And made the angels moan Oh here's a little heat boys To straighten out them curls Now there ain't been no angels round Since God invented girls

disposable contact lenses invented