American Woman 


Posted in the Regional Message board of the  Global Union of Nations.


    All will be forgotten soon. I will not offer an apology for someone else. The founder is dead, and this region will need much work for it to grow again. Will the people who left come back? I don't know. But I do now that I've decided that this is my home, that that I, American Woman, intend to never leave unless forced out, or unless I die.

    "Let its chard corpse rest in pieces."* Or was it a cut off and charred tree, but after a time new shoots of green sprung up to become a beautiful lush tree again? Destruction is not something that the West Pacific, The Pacific, OBI, or Gatesville can bring. They have the ability to hurt, but not kill. I believe that this region can flourish again.

    I also do not wish to continue in old rivalries. I will remain honest in everything I do in NS, and I will continue make choices and fight for what I see is right.

    With these things being said, I humbly ask the residents of the Global Union of Nations to consider me for the office of UN Delegate. My desire is the fight for this region. I believe that I can do this best in that position.


Thank you for your consideration for this prestigious office.

American Woman

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*An excerpt of the current (as of 06.07.08) World Fact book Entry

"World Factbook Entry: Welcome to GUN!

The West Pacific Armed Forces and our allies from The Pacific, One Big Island, and Gatesville raided and destroyed this region on June 1, 2008 in response to GUN’s inappropriate actions against the great ADMIN, The West Pacific, and all players in general. Let its chard corpse rest in pieces.

-Lt. Anarchy Wolf, Black Sheep Squadron, The West Pacific

So long, so long and thanks for all the fish!"