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Tag Rubber Watch Band

tag rubber watch band
    watch band
  • The Watch are a progressive rock band heavily influenced by 70s Genesis.
  • rubberize: coat or impregnate with rubber; "rubberize fabric for rain coats"
  • A tough elastic polymeric substance made from the latex of a tropical plant or synthetically
  • Rubber boots; galoshes
  • An oblong piece of rubber or similar material embedded in the pitcher's mound, on which the pitcher must keep one foot while delivering the ball
  • an elastic material obtained from the latex sap of trees (especially trees of the genera Hevea and Ficus) that can be vulcanized and finished into a variety of products
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Season3: Eps 17 - Sin in the City 9 (photo story)
Season3: Eps 17 - Sin in the City 9 (photo story)
Yuri: "Jonathan is a bit of a delicate subject for us. We do not discuss him overly much because--" Kumi: "--one of us always ends up epically pissed." Yuri: "Quite." Suki (nonplussed): "Uh...right. Well, I'd be happy to dial you in, Kums. Just don't go all aggro on me, 'kay? Kumi: "I'll try to restrain myself." Yuri: *snorts in disbelief* Kumi: *sticks tongue out* Suki: "After Jon's parents died when he was a baby, he went to live with his great uncle, who's, like, a shipping tycoon or whatever. The dude's got serious bank and owns his own Greek island. His. Own. Island. *shakes head in disbelief* Kumi: "Yeah, I knew that much. Keep goin'." Suki: "Jon rarely left the island as a kid. His uncle was wickedly old school and kept him pretty isolated. He was tutored instead of goin' to regular school, and the tutors weren't allowed to expose him to any of the new stuff. Plus, there weren't any other kids 'round, either. It was just Jon. Ya feelin' me?" Kumi (slowly): "Starting to." Suki: "Jon was educated like some aristocrat way back when. He read the classics, studied the philosophers, and all that junk. No TV, no comic books, no pop culture of any kind. He talks like a Renaissance dude 'cuz basically he is one." Kumi: "Huh. I think you've done the impossible because I feel kinda bad for him now. His childhood sounds...lonely." Suki: "Nah, don't cry for him, Argentina. He's schweet 'n' juicy just like he is, whacked out upbringin' and all." Kumi: *leans back in chair, thoughtful look* "You like him a lot, don'tcha, Suk?" Suki: "Uh-huh. He makes my stomach flippy." Yuri: *pats Suki's hand* "You make him happier than I have ever seen him." Suki (hopefully): "I do?" Yuri: "Yes, Jonathan was never prone to smiles or laughter. You make him do both quite often. I was watching at the barbecue." Suki (softly): "He's beautiful when he laughs." Yuri: *pulls Suki over, kisses her head* "You are an incredibly sweet girl." Suki: *blushes* "Geez, Yuri, don't say crap like that! You'll ruin my rep." Fashion Credits **Any doll enhancements (i.e. freckles, piercings, eye color changes) were done by me unless otherwise stated.** Yuri Pants: Fashion Royalty - Optic Verve Agnes Bra: Azone Sweater: Randall Craig - Uncomplicated Elegance Heels: Mattel - Barbie Basics - Accessory Pack - Collection 1.5, Look 02 Glasses: Momoko - Berry Hunter Moon Necklace and Charm Bracelets: Knife's Edge Designs (Me) Doll is a Nu.Fantasy Red Riding Hood Yuri transplanted to a NuFace body. Suki Jeans: Sakurana Bra: Fashion Royalty - Model Behavior - Miracle Child Ayumi Tank: Fashion Royalty - Model Behavior - Y.R.B. Erin Belt: Volks - WTG - Selfish Hat: Fashion Royalty - Homme/Nu.Face - In the Mix Takeo (added decal) Sneakers: Momoko - Dash! After School Dog Tag: Momoko Bracelets: Goody Hair Rubber Bands Dress: Mattel - Barbie Basics Doll is London by Night Ayumi transplanted to a Misaki body.
09 Awakening
09 Awakening
[Previous] The landing was rough. So rough, in fact, that I lost my pack before a tree knocked me unconscious. For a whole day I was there, oblivious to the world around me. Luckily, I woke up this morning and, after checking my GPS, found I was nearby my objective. After walking down a trail for some while, I chanced upon someone's supply pack. I wonder what happened to its owner...

tag rubber watch band
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