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american watch brands
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Steve Prefontaine sets a new American record in the 3000m event at the Rose Festival Track and Field Meet, Mt. Hood Community College track, Gresham, Oregon, June 24, 1972 (PLUS: The amazing story of
Steve Prefontaine sets a new American record in the 3000m event at the Rose Festival Track and Field Meet, Mt. Hood Community College track, Gresham, Oregon, June 24, 1972 (PLUS: The amazing story of
Steve Prefontaine shown setting a new American record in the 3000m event at the Rose Festival Track and Field Meet, Gresham, Oregon, June 24, 1972. Pre clocked 7:45.8 in a race that was a final tune-up for the Olympic trials. The meet had a star cast of athletes because of the upcoming Olympic Trials and proximity to Eugene where they were to be held. Photographer unknown--if you know, please leave a comment below.. The meet was held before 3000 spectators in drizzly, cool, windy weather at the brand new track facilities at Mount Hood Community College in Gresham. This was Pre's last meet before the 1972 US Olympic track and field team time trials at Hayward Field, Eugene, Oregon. The meet was sandwiched between the AAU championships in Seattle (which Pre did not attend) and the upcoming US Olympic Track and Field Trials in Eugene, Oregon June 29-July 9, 1972. The Rose Festival track and field meet is no longer held, but the Portland Rose Festival continues strong as ever. Gresham is the fourth largest city in Oregon and is immediately adjacent to and east of Portland. Pre's record run bettered a decade-old record of 7:54.2 set by Ned Beatty in 1962. The then current world record of 7:39.6 was set by Kenya's Kip Keino in 1965. Pre's finish also topped by 20 seconds the US collegiate record of 8:07.6 set by Conrad Nightingdale in 1967 (also beat by 2nd place finisher Greg Carlberg). With this record win, Pre has now run the fastest season times in six events including the mile, two-mile, three-mile, six-mile, and 5000-meters. He held the collegiate record in the six-mile at 27:22.4 and the US record in the 5000m with 13:29.8 (He would set a new 5000m record of 13:22.8 at the Olympic Trials). Pre's 3000m effort was the first such distance race Pre ever ran as US track meets transitioned to metric distances from English-measurement distances (except that the mile distance was retained). This was so US athletes could better challenge athletes in the Olympics and in international meets. Pre agreed to run this distance because "I didn't want to run the heavy traffic in the 1500 nor did I want to run the 5000, the same distance I'll be running in the Olympic Trials." Pre wanted a fast pace, 4:10 to 4:12 for the first mile. which ex-Oregon miler Jere Van Dyk of Club West obliged in settiing. He and Pre timed the first mile in 4:13 and Dyk dropped out. Pre Then put his head down into the drizzle and cold wind, which doused the meet, and ran away from the field. He covered the final half-mile in about 2:02, finishing 6.4 seconds faster than Beatty's 1962 time. He was over 15 seconds ahead of the runner-up Greg Carlberg. Third place with 8:12.4 was Howell Michael, nearly 10 seconds behind Carlberg's 8:02.6. [TO LEARN OF JERE VAN DYK'S AMAZING LIFE STORY, GO TO THE BOTTOM SECTION OF THIS NARATIVE] "I wanted to get under 7:45," Pre said later, "so I was happy with the way things turned out. The record was ready to go anyway." After the race, Pre indicated that he was hoping some of the older distance runners would be in the 5000m at the Olympic Trials. "I'd like to see what the 'old men' are made of," he said, specifically referring to George Young, his anticipated primary rival in the 5000m event of the Trials. "We've never met and it would be fascinating to run against him." (Pre would be age 21 and Young age 34 at the Trials). Pre also commented afterwards: "I felt strong at the end. I know I'm ready to run 8:20 or better for two miles." Finishing times: 1. Pre (Oregon) 7:45.8 - US Record 2. Greg Carlberg (unattached) 8:02.6 - formerly a runner with Nebraska U. 3. Hal Michael (USMC) 8:12.4 4. Jim Wilkens (NC St) 8:20.1 The above info derived from AP and UPI wire stories, and the Track and Field News issue of I July 1872. Nebraska’s first All-American, Greg Carlberg put together an impressive year in 1970, winning the Big Eight Conference title and covering the four-mile course in a record time of 18:56. An Omaha native, Carlberg is one of only four Huskers to win a conference title. Greg is one of two Nebraska Cornhuskers to break four minutes in the indoor mile, having run 3:59.6 on an oversized track at the Houston Astrodome. __________ The remarkable story of Jere Van Dyke: Pre’s pacer in his US record bid in the 3000m, Jere Van Dyk, has a fascinating life story to tell that took him half way around the world and a life-or-death encounter with America’s number one enemy in the world, the Taliban and Al-Qaida. A talented high school runner in Washington state, Van Dyk won state honors in the 440 and 500 yard events in 1964, and a strong showing (4th in the 440yd) in the Golden West invitational track meet for graduating high school seniors, also in 1964. He was recruited to run for Oregon University by Bill Bowerman (actually by other Oregon athletes—Bowerman never personally recruited). His promise as a champion runner was co
american splendor
american splendor
i love love love this movie. (watched it last night) every time, i can't help but tear up at the end. the embodiment of the american dream, you could say: family, having something to be passionate about, hard work, dedication & eventually appreciation for it all. we should all be so lucky. "I felt more alone that week than any. Sometimes I'd feel a body lying next to me like an amputee feels a phantom limb. All I did was think about Jennie Gerhardt and Alice Quinn and all the decades of people I had known. The more I thought, the more I felt like crying. Life seemed so sweet and so sad, and so hard to let go of in the end. But hey, man, every day is a brand new deal, right? Just keep on working and something's bound to turn up." - Harvey Pekar, American Splendor

american watch brands
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