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Iron Maiden Documentary Flight 666

iron maiden documentary flight 666
    iron maiden
  • instrument of torture consisting of a hollow iron frame shaped like the human body and lined with spikes to impale the victim
  • Iron Maiden are an English heavy metal band from Leyton in east London, formed in 1975 by bassist Steve Harris. Since their inception, the group have released a collective total of thirty-one albums: fifteen studio albums; seven live albums; four EPs; and five compilations.
  • Iron Maiden (Melina Vostokoff) is a fictional Russian supervillain in the Marvel Comics Universe, most notably an enemy of the Black Widow.
  • (in historical contexts) An instrument of torture consisting of a coffin-shaped box lined with iron spikes
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  • shoot a bird in flight
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  • * Chertsey Abbey is founded. * Barking Abbey is founded. * Wilfrid returns from France freshly consecrated as Bishop of York. * Muawiyah I accedes to the position of Caliph.
  • 666 is a German trance style DJ act, created by Thomas Detert and Mike Griesheimer (DJ666, also known as Mike Red). They produce a mix of house music and often include lyrics in Spanish and English. Both Detert and Griesheimer were originally the creators of Activate, a eurodance band.
  • 666 (The Apocalypse of John, 13/18) is a double album by psychedelic/progressive art rock group Aphrodite's Child. It is one of the early cult albums in rock history, and is still popular among fans today. It was released in 1972, and was the primary vehicle/effort for the Vangelis project.
iron maiden documentary flight 666 - Flight 666
Flight 666 (2CD)
Flight 666 (2CD)
As a very special bonus for the fans, Maiden have compiled songs from sixteen different cities in eleven countries around the world, for the first time ever encompassing such varied places and cultures in one concert. The soundtrack audio version of the live show will be available on a double CD, as a limited edition vinyl set with two picture discs, and a digital download especially for those fans who do not have DVD access or just want to enjoy the show as a great live album. All are lavishly packaged as an ultimate memento of a tour to remember!

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Flight 666
Flight 666
The new Iron Maiden documentary is the huevos. Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA. 4.21.09
Iron Maidens
Iron Maidens
The Iron Maidens @ Hard Rock Live Mexico City

iron maiden documentary flight 666
iron maiden documentary flight 666
From Fear to Eternity: The Best of 1990-2010
From Fear To Eternity: The Best Of 1990-2010 is a double-CD set spanning twenty years, which follows the huge success of 2010's studio album The Final Frontier which hit the number one spot in 28 countries around the world. It also became the band's highest-charting album in the USA where Iron Maiden have just been awarded their first Grammy for Best Metal Performance for the song "El Dorado," taken from The Final Frontier album, and which is included in this collection.
Iron Maiden's current phenomenal global success has seen the band not only scale new-found heights aided by their unique method of touring, using a customized Boeing 757 - named Ed Force One by their fans - to transport band, crew and all their equipment around the world to many new places, but has meant their ever-expanding fan base now encompasses a brand new generation of metal lovers. From Fear To Eternity is a chance for these new fans to explore the group's rich history, with the highlights of their last eight studio albums distilled into this handy collection, which follows 2009's compilation of their earlier work from 1980-1990, the album Somewhere Back In Time.
Perennial favorites found on this album include songs also featured on Maiden's current "The Final Frontier World Tour" set list; tracks such as "Fear Of The Dark," "The Wicker Man," "Blood Brothers" and "Dance Of Death" sit alongside recent classics "El Dorado" and the hauntingly evocative "When The Wild Wind Blows." It also includes singles like "Holy Smoke" and "Be Quick Or Be Dead" together with more progressive thought-provoking album tracks like "Afraid To Shoot Strangers" and "For The Greater Good Of God." This new collection charts the musical development of Britain's most successful metal band as they have evolved their sound, producing longer, more complex songs, while gaining huge critical acclaim in the process.