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Cheap Flights To Tenerife South

cheap flights to tenerife south
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  • a Spanish island in the Atlantic off the northwestern coast of Africa; the largest of the Canary Islands
  • A volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean, the largest of the Canary Islands; pop. 771,000; capital, Santa Cruz
  • Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife also Province of Santa Cruz ('Provincia de Santa Cruz de Tenerife') is a province of Spain, consisting of the western part of the autonomous community of the Canary Islands.
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cheap flights to tenerife south - Going Native
Going Native in Tenerife
Going Native in Tenerife
Much more than just a tourist guide, Going Native in Tenerife goes further to give you a native's eye view of this beautiful and diverse Spanish island. Inside you will discover: * hidden treasures beyond the tourist hotspots * a brief look into Tenerife's past and future * intimate guided tours of key towns and cities * personal photographs from the authors' travels * a guide to Tenerife culture and celebrations * tips for staying for a weekend, a week, a month, a year or the rest of your life * much, much more... 'Going Native' guides are written with a rare type of traveller in mind... longer term visitors who want to become a true part of their new home. So, whether your stay is a month or a lifetime this guide will give you everything the tourist travel guides won't.

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Charco La Araña. Los Silos.Tenerife (ver album)
Charco La Araña. Los Silos.Tenerife (ver album)
Charco La Arana Los Silos.Tenerife Situado justo al lado del Complejo Turistico de las Piscinas Municipales, este espacio natural consta de una playa de callados y un charco conocido como Charco de la Arana, aunque actualmente este nombre hace referencia a la playa tambien. Bordeando esta zona se ha construido un paseo nuevo (ano 2008) por el que muchas personas llevan a cabo actividades de ocio y tiempo libre a la vez que disfrutan del ’ir y venir’ de las aguas junto a las rachas de aire marino. Ademas, todo ello acompanado de la magnifica estampa de un esqueleto natural de una ballena (Rorcual Boreal) enmarcado en el proyecto denominado Esculturas de la Naturaleza por el que se rinde homenaje a los oceanos y a los cetaceos de Canarias.
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Auditorio de Tenerife y las "torres gemelas". Vista desde el parque Las Mesas.

cheap flights to tenerife south
cheap flights to tenerife south
The Rough Guides' Tenerife Directions 2 (Rough Guide Directions)
Slim, stylish and pocketable, Rough Guide DIRECTIONS Tenerife & La Gomera is packed with ideas for making the most of your trip to this beautiful Spanish island. Full-colour throughout, the guide highlights the best the islands have to offer - from hiking in the Canarian pine forest to pot making in La Gomera- helping you to decide what to do, 24 hours a day. Use the practical ‘Places’ section of the guide to explore the islands, every attraction, walk, restaurant, hotel, bar and beach is given a review and organised by geographical area so you always know what''s immediately around you and what''s worth making a special trip to see.
Rough Guide DIRECTIONS Tenerife & La Gomera is like having a local friend plan your trip!