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American Trans Air Flights

american trans air flights
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  • Trans is the 14th studio album by Neil Young, released in 1982. Recorded partially and released during his notorious Geffen era in the 1980s, Trans baffled many Neil Young fans.
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american trans air flights - Trans
Unavailable on CD in the U.S.! Originally released in 1982, Trans was a bold and bewildering move into the 'modern age' for the veteran singer/songwriter. While it's been called his 'Electronic' album, Trans doesn't transport Neil into Depeche Mode territory. Instead, Trans finds Neil experimenting with an array of computers, keyboards and vocoders along with his standard guitar/bass/drums backbone. Nine tracks, including 'Little Thing Called Love', 'Computer Age', 'Transformer Man' and a drastically different version of his Buffalo Springfield classic 'Mr. Soul'. Universal.

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Leaving the Apron
Leaving the Apron
Circa 1987/88 and taken with my Nikon F301 SLR - scanned in 2010. Leased by, and operating a charter flight on behalf of, the short-lived British charter company Paramount. This American Trans Air Boeing 727 was certainly not a regular visitor to Exeter in it's own right, but filled in for a short time on some of Paramount's routes. Seen taxiing off the apron / ramp at Exeter and making its way for departure off Runway 26, bound I believe for either a Spanish or Portugese holiday destination. Jersey European Airways' Bandeirante, G-BIBE, waits for its own passengers below the Control Tower, its Captain seen at the nose of the aircraft completing his pre-departure checks. Note the contrail in the sky overhead. Where the contrail bends, that is directly over a navigation beacon called Berryhead, located at Berryhead at the southern edge of Torbay, approx 26nm away. Shortly after departure, this aircraft will take up a southerly track towards this same point and join the airway which will take it on its way to destination.
Orbis DC-10-10 "N220AU"
Orbis DC-10-10  "N220AU"
seeing how this week in Oct 2010 she was in Hong Kong I thought I would upload an old photo of her landing at Kai Tak. N220AU is the oldest flying DC-10 in the world, she was the SECOND DC-10 built with first flight in 1973. She was delivered to Laker Airways in 1977, later operating for American Trans Air, Cal Air, Novair before joining Orbis in 1991. She replaced their original flying eye hospital a DC-8. Soon this DC-10 will stop flying and be replaced with a MD-10 donated by FedEx.

american trans air flights