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For Public School Teachers

4/30/13 update from AU National site (link): Covert Classroom Creationists: Survey Of Pa. Science Teachers Shows Disappointing Results

Fact Sheet on Religion in Public Schools

Public School Students Have a Right to;
  • Pray in schools if it's their own decision and they're not disrupting class.
  • Read the Bible and other religious books during their free time.
  • Join voluntary religious clubs in secondary schools that meet during non-instructional time [as long as other non-curriculum related clubs are permitted access to the same facilities].
  • Take classes about religion as an academic subject, as long as the approach is objective and non-dogmatic.
  • Talk about religion with their friends, as long as they do not engage in harassment of other students.
Public Schools [including instructional staff and administrators] May Not;
  • Compel, require or pressure students to take part in prayer, scripture reading or other forms of worship.
  • Sponsor religious events or speakers who proselytize.
  • Include official prayers in school events, such as graduation or football games.
  • Teach creationism in science classes.
  • Permit teachers to preach [or proselystize] in class.
The attached Power Point Presentation was developed by local AU chapter members; Jim and Regis. The document was officially approved by the AU national organization. The document is intended to provide a constitutional educational foundation targeted for secondary public school educators. This Powerpoint presentation has been presented as part of community education at the Jefferson Society in Erie, PA and to some local university educational students [future teachers] as part of their seminar requirements. The local AU chapter continues to pursue providing this information to local high school teachers via their school administrators or offering to provide the presentation in class by one of our chapter members. It is provided below for educators and the community at large. If you do not have Powerpoint on your computer, you can down load a Powerpoint Viewer from the Microsoft website by clicking on the Powerpoint link above. The attached document is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by the local chapter. Modifications of any parts of the document are strictly prohibited. The presentation that immediately follows is an updated version of our "Religion in Public Schools" [listed as an Attachment below] presentation. The updated version is more technical and includes information on the teaching of evolution in public schools.

PSTA Religion and Evolution in the Public Schools power point.pptx

Click on the "View" link below to see the presentation. The "Download" link does not work as it might allow someone to download and modify the document.
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