Ultrasonic gun cleaning solution. Clean well products.

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Solution

ultrasonic gun cleaning solution
    cleaning solution
  • When cleaning contact lenses, the first step is often to apply a few drops of cleaning solution to the surface and rub gently for about 20 seconds. The solution and the rubbing work together to loosen any debris, which is then rinsed off with saline solution. The next step? Disinfection and storage.
  • (ultrasonically) by ultrasonic means; "the kidney stones were removed ultrasonically"
  • Beyond (higher in frequency than) the range of sound perceptible to the human ear; with a frequency of 20 kilohertz or higher
  • supersonic: having frequencies above those of audible sound
  • Of or involving sound waves with a frequency above the upper limit of human hearing
  • shoot with a gun
  • a weapon that discharges a missile at high velocity (especially from a metal tube or barrel)
  • A device for discharging something (e.g., insecticide, grease, or electrons) in a required direction
  • A weapon incorporating a metal tube from which bullets, shells, or other missiles are propelled by explosive force, typically making a characteristic loud, sharp noise
  • A gunman
  • artillery: large but transportable armament
ultrasonic gun cleaning solution - SharperTek Firearm
SharperTek Firearm Gun Ultrasonic Cleaning System
SharperTek Firearm Gun Ultrasonic Cleaning System
SharperTek 1 Gallon Firearm Gun Ultrasonic Cleaning System w/ Warranty! Our new models of ultrasonic handgun cleaners will quickly and effortlessly remove dirt, carbon, and grease from even the most soiled handguns. Ultrasonic waves penetrate deep into those hard-to-reach places for thorough and effortless cleaning. This ultrasonic cleaner saves you the work of cleaning your guns by hand, while restoring the guns to look like new! This handgun cleaner package has everything you need to clean your guns and restore them to like-new condition. GUN CLEANING PACKAGE INCLUDES: - Polycarbonate Lubricating Pan and Lid: Protect your guns while lubricating them - Polycarbonate Cleaning Tray: Protect your guns while cleaning them with the most powerful gun cleaning technology in existence - 1 Gallon Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Solution: Removes dirt, carbon, and grease from even the hardest places to reach by hand - 1oz Oil with Needle-Point Dispenser: A little extra oil to take with you on the field in case you need it - 2 Brushes: 1 Nylon and 1 Brass - SH150-4L Ultrasonic Cleaner: A powerful multi-purpose heated ultrasonic cleaner that can hold one 6" Revolver or 2 Semi-Automatic Pistols - 1 Gallon Ultrasonic Gun Lubricating Solution: Environmentally safe gun lubricant protects guns from rust and reduces friction to increase shooting distance and prevent the gun from jamming ULTRASONIC CLEANER SPECIFICATIONS: - Professional Grade Model - Very Reliable Industrial-Grade Transducer - Greatly improved in quality, functionality and durability over previous models. - Engineered and designed in the U.S.A. by SharperTek - Temperature-Regulated Heating Element for Best Cleaning Results - Digital Ultrasonic Timer - Ultrasonic Frequency: 40,000 Hz - Tank Material: Stainless Steel - Power Supply: AC 100 ~ 120V, 50 / 60Hz - Power: 750 W - Tank Capacity: 4 Liters (approx. 1 Gallon) - Tank Dimensions: 12" ? 6" ? 3.75" (L ? W ? H) - Unit Dimensions: 13" ? 7.7

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token-operated ultrasonic golf cleaner JP-160T
token-operated ultrasonic golf cleaner JP-160T
Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaner JP-160T Cleaning process and application: This machine function as automatic vending machine for each token, token operated (one set of 100 includes),the built-in electronic counter can record each time cleaning and free to be tampered. It’s perfectly applied golf courses, golf links, golf clubs and outdoor golf party occasions. JP-160T can clean golf club heads, rubber grips and also golf ball, regardless of club material is wood, aluminum or titanium. Features: Cleaning golf method: to clean full set of golf clubs by token Tank material: SUS304 Non-Magnetic stainless steel material Ultrasonic generator control: Built-in Digital Generator Counter: Built-in Electronic Counter can caculate every token Timer& heater: digital timer that set in 5 min increments, built-in controlled heater, temperature control:0~100 degree centigrade. With roller for convenient move and portable Customer’s logo is acceptable. Specification: Model----JP-160T Tank capacity: 39Liters Tank size: 350*300*380mm (L*W*H) Overall size: 510*585*800mm (L*W*H) Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHz or 28KHz Transducer numbers: 16pcs Power: 2800W Power supply requirement: AC 110/220V Lid is optional Skymen Cleaning Equipment Shenzhen Co.,Ltd 86-755-29784256 86-13570830637
MQU - Ultrasonic flowmeter / Caudalímetro ultrasónico
MQU - Ultrasonic flowmeter / Caudalímetro ultrasónico
The Arkon ultrasonic flowmeter combined with a flume is suitable for open channel measurements. The meter has a measurement range up to 4m. It includes LCD display, communication RS232 or RS485, current output 4-20mA, pulse, 4 relays and a built in data-logger. MODBUS RTU communication as an option. El caudalimetro ultrasonico de Arkon que combinado con una canaleta puede usarse para medir el caudal de un canal abierto. Tiene un rango de medicion de hasta 4 metros. Incluye una pantalla LCD, comunicacion RS232 o RS485, salida de corriente de 4-20mA, pulsos, 4 reles y un dataloger interno. Tambien ofrece comunicacion MODBUS RTU como opcion.

ultrasonic gun cleaning solution
ultrasonic gun cleaning solution
L&R Q650 Firearm Gun Ultrasonic Cleaning System
L&R has been the leader in Ultrasonics for over 75 years. Quantrex systems are manufactured with vinyl-clad steel housings, stainless steel tanks and premium system components. Their contemporary design and quiet operation are what sets these cleaners apart. The Quantrex line is backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, all defects in materials or workmanship are covered for 2 1/2 years.We carry the entire line of L&R cleaners so please contact us if you are in need of a larger or different model and we can start an auction for that particular model. The Quantrex Q650 Ultrasonic Cleaning System offers the best cleaning & lubricating of handguns and revolvers available. Powered with Ultrasonics, the Q650 reaches all surfaces of the handgun including those that are hard to access by hand. L&R has made ultrasonic cleaning of firearms easier than ever before. A perfect item for the avid gun collector, hunter, police department or gunsmith."

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