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Best Way To Clean Bathtub

best way to clean bathtub
    best way
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best way to clean bathtub - PermaFLOW PF-07001
PermaFLOW PF-07001 Never-Clog Drain
PermaFLOW  PF-07001 Never-Clog Drain
PermaFLOW no clog J bend has a self cleaning design which increases turbulence and propels debris. It eliminates build up and has an easy to rotate knob which swipes build up. It is safe and environmentally friendly, no need to use harmful chemicals anymore. It supports water conservation with efficient low flow rates. It ensures emergency flow with an upper by pass chamber. It makes retrieval of jewelry easy to locate, rescue, lift, and retrieve. It reduces frustration with no more plunging or snaking required. It is made of transparent ABS construction which enables fast diagnostics. It saves money with no more expensive drain cleaning. It has a universal and easy to install design. It will fit kitchen and bath sinks (1 1 2'' and 1 1 4'').

~The PermaFLOW "Never-Clog Drain" provides a permanent way to eliminate drain clogs. With its innovative, self-cleaning design and integrated wiper that removes blockage, PermaFLOW eliminates the need for chemical drain cleaners, plungers, and expensive pipe repairs. This smart alternative to traditional P-traps installs in a snap and even allows for easy retrieval of accidentally lost jewelry and other items.

At a Glance:
Self-cleaning design prevents buildup.
Easy-turn wiper swipes away debris and helps retrieve lost items.
Transparent construction lets you easily see and solve the problem.
Quick and easy installation.
Safe, , permanent solution.

PermaFLOW offers unique bypass for emergencies.
View larger.
The easy-turn wiper acts as a drain cleaner and clears the clog. View larger.

Easily unclog drains by turning the wiper
or see and retrieve items that are
accidentally dropped. View larger.

Installation and Operation

Prevents Buildup; Removes Clogs

Never use plungers or
harsh chemicals again.
The PermaFLOW's patented design ensures that you won't need to open your drain, call the plumber, use harsh chemicals, get out your plunger, or wrestle with your snake the next time you have a clog--just turn the external knob on the PermaFLOW's integrated, drain-clearing wiper to clear out blockage.
Also great for low-flow faucets, this "no-pain drain" has a unique shape that generates a surge of water that will clean your pipe, providing the extra muscle needed to flush unwanted debris and prevent the buildup that causes slow draining. This will not only save you from headaches, but it will also save water by helping your drain work efficiently at low flow rates.
Additionally, a clever bypass option lets water flow through the PermaFLOW's upper chamber in case of an emergency buildup in your pipe, meaning there's no down time and no waiting for your pipe to be serviced.
Transparent Design Prevents Potential Problems
The PermaFLOW Drain's transparent design eliminates any drain mysteries--just look to determine if the drain has developed buildup and turn the wiper to see if the clog is gone. You can even see items that you may have accidentally dropped down the drain, such as wedding rings or small toys. Turn the wiper to elevate the item and then retrieve it with a coat hanger, hook, or other household tool. Just think--you'll be able to diagnose and troubleshoot drain problems without exposing yourself to nasty sewer gases and messy disassembly!
Simple Installation for Ease of Use
The time-saving PermaFLOW features easy installation, a universal design that fits standard drains, and construction that looks great even under open-pedestal sinks. Retrofitting older, P-trap drains is a cinch with the included adaptors that fit standard 1-1/2-inch (kitchen) and 1-1/4-inch (bath) plumbing. The adaptors are compatible with virtually any pipe material.

PermaFLOW has won several
leading awards and testimonials
Award-Winning, Safe, and Design
PermaFLOW has won several leading awards and testimonials for its ability to reduce money, effort, wasted time, and environmental impact. The innovative, common-sense design reduces water pollution by eliminating the need for chemical cleaners. The design is safe and blocks indoor contaminants, eliminating injury and poisoning hazards. It also minimizes exposure to nasty sewer gases and prevents rust and corrosion.
And because it's durably constructed in the USA from ABS plastic and synthetic rubber, PermaFLOW is fully recyclable and will save you from expensive maintenance and replacement costs.
PermaFLOW comes with a 10-year replacement warranty and is designed to work without problems with conventional drain chemicals.
What's in the Box
PermaFLOW drain and adaptors.

Frequently Asked Questions
Kitchen or Bath Usage - The PermaFLOW drain can be used in bathroom lavatories and kitchen sinks including the ones with the garbage disposal. It replaces the U- tube in the P-Trap below the sink.
Is PermaFLOW drain approved by Code - Most states and cities have their own plumbing codes and in most instances they are aligned with either the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), International Plumbing Code (IPC) or International Residential Code (IRC). Most plumbing products in this category are considered adequate if they are UPC listed. Just like any standard P-trap, the PermaFLOW is UPC listed. PermaFLOW drain is also certified to comply with the IPC and IRC. This is usually what licensed plumbers look for as a first step before installing a product. There are a very few states that have some specific additional requirements. PermaFLOW drain has been purchased by customers in all fifty states.
Can Chemical Drain Cleaners be used with PermaFLOW drain - PermaFLOW drain does not require or recommend the use of drain cleaners. Should someone want to use common drain cleaners available in the market, there are no harmful effects expected on the PermaFLOW drain, however, drain cleaners with Sulfuric Acid may stain the PermaFLOW drain. If regular maintenance is performed, there should be no need for chemicals.
Will the PermaFLOW drain Leak? - PermaFLOW drain has been designed to not leak and has been tested extensively and should not leak. PermaFLOW drain comes with a 10 year limited warranty that includes free replacement.
What is the life of the Wiper inside the PermaFLOW Drain? - The PermaFLOW drain is robustly designed and the wiper has been tested extensively under operating conditions for over 100,000 revolutions which means that if turned couple of times a day, it is expected to last over 100 years and does not need to be replaced. PermaFLOW drain comes with a 10 year limited warranty that includes free product replacement.
How does PermaFLOW handle hairs from clogging? - PermaFLOW's unique construction generates turbulence which minimizes the possibility of hairs settling in the Trap area and therefore there is no accumulation of hairballs unlike the traditional traps. As the hair strands are released into the sink, they flow through the PermaFLOW freely to the main drain pipe through the waste arm (tail pipe).
What do I do if my PermaFLOW drain gets cloudy? - Due to its unique design and materials used, the PermaFLOW does not become black and gunky like the traditional P-Trap. In case of some soap scum build-up on the walls, simply putting two denture cleaning tablets down the sink or lavatory drain and leaving overnight will clean most stains.
PermaFLOW Versus Conventional P-Trap
Traditional P-Trap DesignPermaFLOW Drain DesignPermaFLOW Drain Benefit
Designed to trap most debrisSelf-cleaning design--generates turbulence and propels debris, preventing routine buildupUser Friendly
No need for frustrating plunging, snakin

75% (18)
The Hidden Garden (16/365)
The Hidden Garden (16/365)
Day 016: The Hidden Garden The Hidden Garden, I tend to come up with my best ideas in the shower. I'll just space out and daydream forever. The wanderer walks into the unknown, he loses his way, He explores, he discovers, he experiences... The Hidden garden; But when he leaves, and tries to find it again It will disappear... So...There is so much dirt in my bathtub right now :[ I'm going to have to spend forever cleaning it. Today's picture is inspired by earth because for the past few days Rachel and I have been doing matching 365 pictures :]
What would we do without Suave Strawberry Shampoo...for bathing special friends ??
What would we do without Suave Strawberry Shampoo...for bathing special friends ??
The little boy......the "baa baa black sheep"......goat... is definitely the leader and the most aggressive. All he wants to do is suck and jump.....suck and jump. His name is "Vic" and the little girl's name is "Jeannie"............named after Valentine's twins who left us over the harsh winter. Val's kids were named after dear flickr friends......Jean & Vic.....who live in Montana and also have goats and other animals.

best way to clean bathtub
best way to clean bathtub
Stop-A-Clog Drain Protector (Clear) (5" Diameter)
Keep your drains clear with Stop-A-Clog Drain Protector. This easy to use drain cover will effectively prevent hair and debris from going down the drain. Simply position the clog stopper over the sink or tub drain. Run water while pressing down on the suction cup. After using, remove the drain protector from the drain, rinse and air dry. Occasionally throw Stop-A-Clog in with the laundry to keep looking like new. This product is treated with an anti microbial agent. Packaging contains 2 drain protectors. .

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