Discover your family history and research your family tree. Choose one of the free state websites listed and access free genealogy 

            records including Census, Land and Cemetery records. When it comes to Ancestry Research on the internet, you have a few choices.

            You can enroll in 

one of the pay for 

view ancestry websites and pay your monthly fee, you could 

do a *Google search 




the thousands of matches 

or you could just 

use this 

website. Here you will find many 

free ancestry resources, 

(not all links 

            listed here 

are free, but almost  all are) for every



If you feel that this 


is lacking in original content, then


            understand, this is 

only a compilation of free ancestry resources organized 

in a 

manner in which I hope 



your ancestry 



much easier. 


         On each state page you will find a section called "County Websites". The county sites are from the "USGenWeb Project",
         Trails History Group", 
"Trails To The Past", "American History and Genealogy Project" and the "American 
History Network".  
of these organizations are ran by volunteers. 
You will notice that some of the counties have no data 
and specify that they are 
         adoptable. These organizations rely on our support, so if you are interested 
in adopting 
one of these counties, please contact the 
         groups state administrator.

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