Sherwood House Furniture

sherwood house furniture
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  • Furniture + 2 is the most recent EP released by American post-hardcore band Fugazi. It was recorded in January and February 2001, the same time that the band was recording their last album, The Argument, and released in October 2001 on 7" and on CD.
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  • Sherwood is an indie rock band from San Luis Obispo, California, specializing in upbeat pop rock. After the release of their debut LP Sing, But Keep Going, they signed to MySpace Records in early 2006.
  • United States playwright (1896-1955)
  • Sherwood is a manufacturer of hi-fi equipment.
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sherwood house furniture - SWORD OF
SWORD OF SHERWOOD FOREST ORIGINAL BRITISH LOBBY CARD. NMINT CONDITION. 8X10 INCHES. RICHARD GREENE AS ROBIN HOOD, PETER CUSHING AS SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM, SARAH BRANCH AS MAID MARION IN HAMMER FILM BASED ON THE TV SERIES ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD. RARE: Movie Store are pleased to be able to offer this authentic original lobby card measuring 8x10 inches. This lobby card is from Great Britain and was printed during the actual year the film was released in movie theaters. The lobby card (also known as Front of House/ FOH card in the UK) was created by the film studios to publicise the movie and was intended for display outside the movie theatre in special glass display boxes. THESE ARE NOT REPRODUCTIONS! You are looking at a truly original piece of cinema art, a genuine collector's item. We have a huge archive of over 250,000 original lobby cards, mostly from the 1930's to the 1980's. We will be releasing many more rare gems from our vast collection, which will include lobby cards, original photographs, movie stills, transparencies and slides.

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The Angry Greenman (Save our woodland!)
The Angry Greenman (Save our woodland!)
Little did I realise when my partner and I were having photographic fun amongst the oak trees, taking photo's of ourselves pretending to be the Green Man or Green Woman, that I would be using this particular image in an effort to save those very same trees. I wouldn't normally use flickr to air my grievances, social, political, religious or otherwise, but on this particular occasion I feel it necessary to do so. As this shot was being taken, and unbeknown to me, the UK Government had put forward their plans to sell off to the highest bidder the rights of public ownership of our woodlands and forests (so far Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland aren't involved…so far). They justify this action under the ethos of their current political agenda, which is to involve the public more in what goes on in our society thereby diminishing Government involvement or interference in our lives, or in their own words, 'Big Society!' rather than 'Big Government!'. All very admirable you might say but it's my personal belief, and it would appear to be many other people's also, that in this case it’s actually the window dressing to hide a very cynical ploy to divert the publics attention away from what this sale is truly about, a crude and incompetent attempt to make money fast to top up the Government coffers. Apparently, so we’re told, this sale is all for our benefit, local communities for instance, can get the chance own a wood, until, that is, they can't afford to run it year after year, and we then get to see woodlands sold, fenced off, cut down, bulldozed, built on with new luxury houses and new golf courses or charged entry fees to have access, the fact that it helps with the National Deficit is a bonus. That they want to sell back to us what we already own, I find particularly offensive and insulting. What they also conveniently forget to tell you is that today (Wednesday) in the House of Lords they start with their new underhanded strategy, which is to change the current laws which prevent them from selling off the truly big woodlands and forests like Sherwood Forest, The Forest of Dean and The New Forest, for they are the forests where the really big profits lie. It’s the same age old story, if a Government can't get its own way with the current laws, then it changes them so that it can! But, the Government has been taken aback by the furore that's followed since the announcement. Everyone from the 'man and woman in the street' to environmental groups and experts, actors, artists, politicians(?), and even celebs (this is one band wagon I don't mind them jumping on!), have all joined in the increasing chorus of condemnation. In response, the Government is falling over itself to reassure us by saying that they will create new laws, regulations, standards, government watch-dogs, anything in fact to fool us into believing we're not losing a valuable asset forever. They say they'll give priority to charities, local communities and environmental organisations etc to have first bite of the woodland apple when the properties come up for sale. That'll be an interesting day at the woodland fire sale, for as a Forestry Commission spokesman quitely rightly said, it's one thing to buy some woodland but it's quite another thing to have the knowledge, tools and more importantly the finances to look after that woodland and to care for it practically year on year. As for private business/corporations being in ownership, they have two people to keep happy, their bank manager and their shareholder, and that means profit margins and making money. If it's Forestry Commission conifer plantations they buy, they can clear fell the mature trees and then wait around for a few years as younger trees come to maturity, so it's not a fast way to make money. If it's mixed deciduous woodland then it's full of trees that are massively in demand for expensive furniture and veneers for our kitchen units and tables etc, unfortunately, once you cut that lot down you will be waiting for many, many years before any newly planted trees come to maturity and profit. Either way, its a slow way to make money, unless, that is, you convert the actual land itself to other uses; golf courses, industrial units, luxury housing, private estates, Centre Parcs…you get the idea. In the current financial climate and for the foreseeable future what do you think will be going through their minds as they look at a plot woodland? These people literally can't see the wood for the cash! The Forestry Commission is not perfect, not by a long mark but surely it's better to fix it than let the Government sell it off to line their own pockets. Better the devil you know, and can redeem, than the devil you don't. Once the current form of public ownership is broken up piecemeal, we've lost it all. So, you ask, what's the point of this post then, you depressing bugger, Tony? The point is, I'm asking that you, the British person reading this, to just say, NO! No, to the Government
In 1962 Sherwood Park a suburb a few miles east of the Edmonton city limits was only about 7 years old the first houses went up in 1955, In 1962 Sherwood Park had roughly about 3,000 people, about 7,000 by 1967 (See Pic 3 in this set to see growth in Sherwood Park by 1967) Today Sherwood Park is 60,000 people. Massive growth in 50 years!!

sherwood house furniture
sherwood house furniture
Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Autumn, Fall Trees in Sherwood - 36"W x 23"H Removable Graphic
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