Bruce Bairnsfather

Captain Bruce Bairnsfather served with the Royal Warwickshire Regt during ww1,he was wounded in the trenches and found in hospital he could draw,so he decided he would draw life in the trenches,he then came up with the character "old Bill ".he became so popular that he became a War Artist,writing Books,magazine's, Postcard's,even pottery was made with the "Old Bill" Character painted on it.All these item's are very collectable today.When WW1 ended there was a lull then came WW2.During WW2 the the American's took him on and he became a Cartoonist for the Military newspaper "The Stars and Stripe's". He then was shipped oversea's to Northern Ireland with the A.E.F. American Experditionery Force. he finished two book's with the U.S.Army. One called " Jeep's and Jest's" and the other called "No Kiddin'! ". The first book jeeps & jests deal's with the A.E.F. in Ulster, and has some wonderful Cartoon's in it about their time in Ulster ,North Africa,and Italy. He also appear's in a film about the G.I'S in Ulster.called "A Letter From Ulster." he is seen talking to a Sgt Sharkey and doing a drawing of him,i believe this is the only time he has appeared on Film.He was filimed in Tynan Abbey,more about the film in another subject.He then left Ulster for Chelveston,Bedfordshire,home of the 305th Bomb Group.8th U.S.A.A.F. were he painted nose art on the nose of a b17 Bomber of "Old Bill" were it went on to be the most decorated Bomber of the 305th BG.please see picture and original Combat Mission Report of that Bombing Run action over heligoland.note the nose shot out.

One of the first Magazine's Drawn by B.B.during WW1.

B.B. first Book done for the U.S Army Star's & Stripe's Called " Jeep's & Jest's dealing with their time in Ulster.

Sgt Sharkey from 34th Inf Div.being drawn by Bruce Bairnsfather in the film." A Letter From Ulster ".in Tynan Abbey.

Cartoon Drawing of a Nissen Hut B.B.

Cartoon Drawing from J&J.

The second book by Bruce Bairnsfather for the U.S Army called No Kiddin'!.

Photograph of Bruce Bairnsfather taken beside his Bomber "Old Bill". after the Bombing mission in Heligoland. Note the front shot out.



One of the many Postcard's drawn by B.B.during WW1.

A Cartoon about the G.i.'s in Ulster from the book " Jeep's & Jest's ".



Drawing of Sgt Sharkey drawn by B.B.

Drawing of Major General Russell.p.Hartle.Commander of the A.E.F. in Ulster.

Cartoon Drawing from j&j.

Cartoon Drawing from N.K.


Original Mission Report from the Heligoland Bomb Run Explaining about the Bomber Mission.










Another Postcard by B.B.


A Cartoon with the G.I.'s around the Mourne Mountain's.

Picture of Bruce Bairnsfather in Tynan Abbey.

Drawing of one of the many Crosses you would find in Tynan Abbey


Cartoon Drawing of the G.I'S. in Northern ireland.Taken from J&J. .

Cartoon Drawing from N.K



Drawing of the U.S Army reaching Paris.