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Victoria Inn

victoria inn
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Victoria Inn, Hunslet Road, Leeds - 1922
Victoria Inn, Hunslet Road, Leeds - 1922
Just look at the lad peeping round the corner of the block looking at the photographer. The photo is dated 27 June 1922 and shows the "Victoria Inn" that is also shown as "Victoria Buildings 1839". Its looking scruffy but then Hunslet Road was truly industrial Leeds at this date. Various faded painted adverts for "Magnet Stout" adorn the brickwork. Fairbourn's the hairdressers are on the other corner but I don't know what the street is.
Victoria Inn, Water Lane, Leeds, Yorkshire - 1935
Victoria Inn, Water Lane, Leeds, Yorkshire - 1935
A second photo of the Victoria Inn on Water Lane, this dated 20 December 1935. The pub doesn't look that much altered - the tobacconists next door seems to have sunk into closure although many of the painted and enamel adverts remain. I can't make my mind up - but comparing this pub with the frontage and setting of the existing "Cross Keys" at 107 Water Lane makes me wonder if this isn't the same pub - anyone have any more information?

victoria inn
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