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Routes:  BNSF Cajon, UP/BNSF Mojave

"Highball on the Desert" session. 


Updates/ News
  • Down below are updates and news from our website and Run8 Studios.  Thanks for the support and joining our Run8 Sessions!
Run8 News & Other Upcoming Sessions:
From the Run8 Press Releases page:
March 20, 2016
"Just an update regarding the tunnel motors and V2.  John has decided to hold off the release of the tunnel motors and the SD45s till after V2 is released as he does not have time to support a V1 release of them.  And work continues on V2 and when we get close to the release we will put together a video showing exactly what we have in store for our users.  And yes, version 1 content will be compatible with version 2 content.  And we always thank you for your patience and your support, and we assure you that the wait will be worth it!" ~ Run8 Team
July 1, 2016
"IMPORTANT NOTE: All of our trainsets will be compatible with our upcoming V2 release and will be updated to V2 free of additional charges so you don't have to wait to start enjoying Run8 right now!  ~ Run8 Team 
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    • Currrently we are working on our next session.  Keep in mind we are very busy like we always are with work and life.  We thank you for the support and having fun on our sessions.  Hope to see you there!
                       ~ Thomas Jenner, Lead Session Designer