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women's hunting t shirts
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[10:50] Shilandar Deledda looks over to Sable and eyes the woman up and down a minute before coming any closer. "Well, got yourself in a scrap, but don't have Ston to fix you up?": [10:53] Sable Levee looks over at Red Eyes an wild look in her own golden ones like she is at an point of barely trusting anyone. Blood moist as it drips along arm some from where some man had grabbed hurting shoot shoulder, He is off someplace again.." unmindfull of how does not like being touched the little whore would reach clenching hand along his chest," it hurts.." pausing then," I got info too.." [10:56] Shilandar Deledda knew Sable would probably grab at him, she was getting a bit too comfortable with that in his opinion. Taking her by the wrist though he'd just tug on her, pulling the bleeding redhead towads him while at the same time stepping towards the wall with a heavy sigh. "Come on. Lean back against the wall so I can look at you." [11:00] Sable Levee does not protest as she wants her drugs as wrist gripped is tugged over to lean back along the wall. Petite frame swaying some as darts looking around with her golden eyes," they shoot me.." not saying how she had stabbed someone first," some UAC officer came there vistiting last night and left an big breifcase of credits.." said for edEyes to hear [11:02] Shilandar Deledda either didn't notice or didn't care that she was looking quite paranoid at the moment. Instead his focus was on peeling the shirt away from her wound and getting in a few seconds to look ta it himself. "Oh..?" Was his reply. Almost distracted, but not quite. "What was the cse for, do you know...?" Completely glazing over the portion where she had mentioned being shot. He didn't pull out teh drug either, as it had a habit of distracting Sable far too easily when it came out into the light. [11:06] Sable Levee flinches as it hurts as shirts is pulled away some of the stitched pulled apart just glances down at the blood in an way as if she does not even know that it is her own. Panting slightly while skin an little clammy and pale," something to do with compansation for an few incidents around the place lately. He said something of it being 200K but I never got to see.." the male had to leave fast and did not come back [11:10] Shilandar Deledda frowned and nodded his head. His eyes went up to Sable's, looking the woman right in her golden orbs for a moment. Then a hand came up to the woman's neckline to check on her pulse and temperature. He could already tell she was paler than usual. The woman just did not often have that color. Sighing softly he put a hand in his pocket, pulling out two of the bags of synthnip and stuffing them down into her pockets. "No nip until you get this hole closed up at the MCMC." The words came out with the flavor of an order, backed with the male's crimson eyes looking right at Sable when they were spoken. [ [11:16] Sable Levee an flash of paroniod distrust flashes in her eyes hearing your words to take an step backwads scrowling," I want the nip.." edgy already as what she had bought the other day was taken. Darting eyes around once more as if she is afraid someone is going to come an get her. Another step took till is flush back up along the wall swaying once more with an look about her as if is lost on what to do [11:19] Shilandar Deledda snorts sharply at that and brought a hand up to grab onto Sable by the front of her shirt. A single step forwards to pin her against the wall, a position letting him look right down into her eyes when he next spoke ou twords in a more hushed tone. "The nip is in your pocket... but if you get high while your arm is fucked up, you might pass out from blood loss as out of it as you're looking... Get. Fixed. First." Each of those last words laced with a soft growl of demand. Hand let go of Sable then to move up and press upon the side of her face to claimattention. "Do you understand girl?" [11:26] Sable Levee snarl in reflex as hand grips to tangle to the front of her shirt twist small body even further if possible to the wall. Eyes caught within the gaze of the males red ones as opens mouth the speak. Only to shut it once more as her mind stuggles to understand what he just said. the words nip is in her pockets is all she needs to hear as not caring of the bleeding. When he presses hand along the side cuve of face she startles. Speaking at last," ya git fixed or bleed.." frowning as at last nods head knowing Ston would bitch the same thing," ok.." murmured at last [11:32] Shilandar Deledda smiled to her and nodded his head in approval. He had no desire to have someone who could actually be useful bleed out because they were too busy sniffing more of their favorite drug. Taking a step backwards he would slowly let her loose, his hand offering a light pat on that cheek.
Chester and Suzann Chase with My Aunt Martha Clarke
Chester and Suzann Chase with My Aunt Martha Clarke
Chester "Chet" Chase, his wife Suzann Chase, and Martha Clarke, after snowshoeing back to Hale Pond. pssst: is that dog up 'ees butt? Yes, Chet does look rather young for his age. He was a high school teacher though. Several times at the Lodge, when Chet and Susann were visiting us, one of our paying bear hunters innocently asked Susann what grade in school that Chet was in. The just couldn't figure him out at first. I can't say that that kind of thing made me feel bad for Chet and Susann, or that it was of any humorous value to me. I was rather neutral about it. As I was about Chet and Susann. I did not particularly care for their company, but I did enjoy it a bit--now and then. I can't remember any outstandingly great or hilarious times we had together, but then they never actually rubbed me the wrong way at any time either. But I do have to admit that I got a bit of a kick out of hearing how the boys at Chet's school, Katahdin High School, had once 'borrowed' somebody's goat one night and tied it to Chet and Susann's front porch. Any guy who looked like Chet, well, he was a nice guy at heart, but that don't matter to some of the kinds of rugged outdoorsman type of kids who were in an abundance at Katahdin High. Chet was just a natural target for their favorite brand of high jinx. My Uncle Finley, Aunt Martha, and I all enjoyed going out snowshoeing. It is great exercise. When walking on snowshoes, you always wear at least one less outer layer of warm clothing than you usually wear; or else you will become overheated and begin to perspire profusely. You usually take off the heavy coat you normally have to wear outside during cold weather. If you do wear too much warm clothing, when snowshoeing, you will not walk very far before you will become very uncomfortable, and you're inner most layers of clothing will become soaked with sweat. Then if you take your outer coat off, you will be chilled to the bone, in-no-time-flat, by your freezing sweat. Snowshoes can break. Accidents can happen. And a personal health problem or emergency may arise at the worst time, like at the beginning of a snowstorm in the farthest place you have ever snowshoed to. So be as prepared as you reasonably can, for such problems. Whenever you are out in the woods, no matter what you are doing, always carry two different, reliable fire sources. Like waterproof matches and a fully filled windproof lighter. And stow them in two different places, in two different layers of clothing, or one fire source in a clothing pocket, and one in a backpack pocket. When you are either working or having fun, or in many cases having fun at working, in the Great Outdoors, you either follow the rules that experienced outdoors enthusiasts tell you about, or you will eventually suffer the harsh consequences. So listen to and heed any safety info or instructions that your experienced, professionally qualified ski instructor, scout leader, salesperson in an outdoors outfitter store, Maine Guide, author, etc. offers or gives to you. For many of us, nothing is much better than a good day in the Great Outdoors. For all of us, nothing is much worse than being the victim of a preventable, tragic situation in the Great Outdoors. When you are out in the Great Outdoors, please heed the advice and unbendable rules of outdoors experts--the more local to where you are going into the outdoors that the experts are from, the more reliable their information and advice should be. For example: there are no ticks, chiggers, or poisonous snakes in the area of Northern Maine where I was granted a Maine Guide's License. But there are black flies, mosquitoes, and midges--no see 'ums, and some, potentially, mighty mean momma moosies. For our personal protection during summer insect seasons, we Katahdin Lodge hunting guides usually: wore long sleeve shirts--yes, it was in the early summertime; with insect repellent smeared onto our hands and on up our wrists to our lower forearms; we put insect repellent all over our faces, ears, and necks; we even doused some onto the lower part of the sweat bands in our hats; we bloused our work boots, military style, with big rubber bands holding the bottoms of our pants tightly against our boot tops, so that no insects could crawl up our legs. The most dangerous animal in the woods around Patten Maine is a cow moose with a calf at her side. If you get too close to a cow with a calf, momma moose will defend her calf with some extremely deft and powerful forward kicks of her very hard front hoofs against your much softer body. I know a little something about protecting one's self from ticks, but not enough to give advice on it. I know nothing about chiggers. I know very little about avoiding poisonous snakes, when hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, etc. in areas with substantial populations of poisonous snakes. I have hiked and fished in areas with very low numbered poisonous snake populations. I keep my eyes open and

women's hunting t shirts