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Hello! Here's an important petition from the Campaign for
America's Future calling for the resignation of Nancy Nord, the
acting chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. She's
obstructing efforts to strengthen her agency so it can keep
unsafe imports, like those toys from China with lead-based paint
that had to be recalled, off of store shelves. I hope you'll add
your name to this effort.

After all the news about lead in toys and unsafe food--even pet food--I stopped for a moment to do something about it, and I hope you will too. Go to

With a little help from Consumers Union, the nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports, I told Congress to prioritize product safety--pass stronger standards and hold companies accountable--before the coming holiday shopping season begins.

Consumers Union has just launched a new website to make it easy to take direct action and look up all the products recently recalled--lead painted toys, faulty electrical items and more.

Mattel has already recalled millions of toys for lead paint, and other companies recalled kid's metal jewelry containing high levels of lead. Our product safety system isn't keeping our children safe. Please join me in action so we can shop for our children with confidence this winter. 

Tell Congress we need a product safety system with real power to protect! So when you think CPSC you think "safety first, not recall later!"

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