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Finance Law Firms

finance law firms
    law firms
  • (law firm) a firm of lawyers
  • (The Law Firm) The Law Firm is an hour-long reality television series that premiered on NBC on July 28, 2005. In the series, twelve young up-and-coming trial lawyers competed for a grand prize of $250,000.
  • (Law firm) a group of lawyers in private practice; the entry-level members of a law firm are called associates, and the owners are called partners
  • The management of large amounts of money, esp. by governments or large companies
  • Monetary support for an enterprise
  • The monetary resources and affairs of a country, organization, or person
  • obtain or provide money for; "Can we finance the addition to our home?"
  • the commercial activity of providing funds and capital
  • the branch of economics that studies the management of money and other assets
finance law firms - How David
How David Beats Goliath: Access To Capital for Contingent-Fee Law Firms
How David Beats Goliath: Access To Capital for Contingent-Fee Law Firms
How David Beats Goliath: Access to Capital for Contingent-Fee Law Firms addresses a little-known but critical flaw in America’s system of justice. Average citizens and workers who have been injured or wronged through negligence or malfeasance are guaranteed their day in court. In practice, however, this bedrock legal right is compromised. The problem is a paucity of fair and reasonable funding for expenses incurred in the bringing of personal-injury and other lawsuits. Writing for trial attorneys who represent middle-class or even indigent clients, author and finance expert Michael J. Swanson outlines this complex problem in a clear and lucid book that every dedicated trial lawyer should own. “By temperament, training and the long traditions of their profession, contingent-fee lawyers often fail to maximize the business needs of their practices,” says Swanson, “They especially fail to understand and control the cost of their capital structure.”

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London Bridge in the Morning
London Bridge in the Morning
I risked life and limb for this photo of commuters migrating north for the day. It's 8:30 am and it's the daily stampede from London Bridge station (on the south of the River Thames) across the river, and into their law firms and finance houses in the City of London. It is a surprising fact that the area of City of London is one square mile!
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finance law firms
finance law firms
The Firm, the Market, and the Law
Few other economists have been read and cited as often as R.H. Coase has been, even though, as he admits, "most economists have a different way of looking at economic problems and do not share my conception of the nature of our subject." Coase's particular interest has been that part of economic theory that deals with firms, industries, and markets—what is known as price theory or microeconomics. He has always urged his fellow economists to examine the foundations on which their theory exists, and this volume collects some of his classic articles probing those very foundations. "The Nature of the Firm" (1937) introduced the then-revolutionary concept of transaction costs into economic theory. "The Problem of Social Cost" (1960) further developed this concept, emphasizing the effect of the law on the working of the economic system. The remaining papers and new introductory essay clarify and extend Coarse's arguments and address his critics.

"These essays bear rereading. Coase's careful attention to actual institutions not only offers deep insight into economics but also provides the best argument for Coase's methodological position. The clarity of the exposition and the elegance of the style also make them a pleasure to read and a model worthy of emulation."—Lewis A. Kornhauser, Journal of Economic Literature

Ronald H. Coase was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Science in 1991.