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Bark Dust & Garden Mulch - Sand & Gravel - Kiln Dried Firewood - For Delivery Only 

We provide the landscape products that you need to make your Portland area landscaping and gardening dreams come true. From complete landscape makeovers to a simple spring update of your garden or yard, our experts are available to help you pick the products that will enhance the beauty of your setting and create an exquisite outdoor environment that is unique. 

The Benefits of Bark & Mulch Products:

Aesthetic-Beauty    Less Weeding    Retains Moisture    Frost Protection    Soil Erosion  

Mulch acts as a weed barrier to block out weeds the natural way. A one to two inch layer of mulch each year will maintain a healthy soil and attractive shrub bed. For good weed control, an initial 3 inch layer over bare soil is recommended.

Bark & Garden Mulch Delivery for the Portland Metro Area

  • Portland Beaverton Hillsboro Landscape Supplies
    Garden Mulch:  is made of decomposed lawn and garden trimmings recycled from Portland landscapers and homeowner. It is black in color and good for soil amendment or as a top dressing. Garden Mulch is rich in valuable microorganisms and humus that will help build the health of your soil and plants.

  • Dark Hemlock:  is a delicate aged bark that is dark brown in color and is about 1/2" minus in size. Makes an excellent to dressing and it is ideal for use around children and pets.
    Bark & Mulch Delivery for Portland Beaverton Hillsboro

  • Fresh Hemlock:  Has a orange/reddish tone and makes a great top dressing.  Hemlock is known as the sliverless bark, however no bark is truly sliverless.

  • Portland Beaverton Hillsboro Landscape Supplies
    Screen Fir:  is a delicate fresh bark with an orange color.  It's about 1/2" minus in size. Makes and excellent and inexpensive top dressing. 

  • Cedar Chips - Playground Chips:  are excellent for pathways, dog runs and children's play area. Excellent at creating texture in the landscape.

Sand and Gravel Delivery for the Portland Metro Area
  • Sandy Loam: A product from river bottoms loam used for building planting berms or for building up soil levels in the landscape.

  • Sand: Basic garden and construction sand derived from river sand.

  • 1/4" Crush Rock: Finely crushed rock for pathways and base material under flagstone, pavers or stepping stone.

  • 3/4" minus Crush Rock: Crushed rock for driveways and base material under most walls & concrete construction.

  • 3/4" Crush rock:  Without fines for driveways and pathways where better drainage is needed or a "non-tracking" surface is desired.

Kiln Dried Firewood Delivery in Portland, Or

Kiln Dried Firewood is dried in a heated chamber removing water at very high temperatures. These specially designed kilns have been adapted from lumber drying kilns to specifically dry firewood in very short periods of time. Firewood kilns have a minimum temperature of 160 degrees with some reaching over 200 degrees. Kilns can dry firewood to 20% moisture content in 48 to 72 hours. 

The advantages of kiln dried firewood: 
The wood has a consistently low moisture content, the wood is bug free, it is very clean, it can be dried very quickly and produced throughout the year, the wood produces the highest BTU's of any firewood, it burns clean and complete with no Creosote and very little ash.

2015 Price per cord of Kiln Dried Firewood:

Fir    $335
Ash  $395
Maple $395
Alder  $395
Oak    $475

Delivering quality firewood to restaurants, lodges and homeowners. Kiln dried firewood is available year round. You must place your order two weeks in advance no exceptions.

**Season Firewood is available on a first come first serve basis while supplies last.

2015 Price per cord of season firewood:

Fir     $285
Oak   $375

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