Welcome to the AHARC!

The American Hopping Association for Rabbits and Cavies is the national performance club in the U.S. for rabbits and cavies (guinea pigs) chartered by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). We were welcomed under the ARBA umbrella in 2013 as an official National Specialty Club. This was a long awaited opportunity and the AHARC officers and the Board of Directors would like to thank everyone for their support to reach this important milestone. A special thank you to Mike Avesing for his great insight and assistance with ARBA related matters. We are always in need of volunteers. Please contact our officers or directors if you would like to help out in any way!

Our Purpose is to help others learn about the performance sports of Rabbit Hopping, Rabbit Agility and Cavy Agility. We are a resource and place for people to locate information about performance events all over North America.

Rabbit Hopping was developed in the early 1970's in Sweden. The Swiss developed rules, jumping equipment, and guidelines and called it Rabbit Show Jumping. Rabbit hopping was modeled after horse show jumping with the same concept of clearing jumps of various heights without knocking down the cross bars.

Rabbit Agility was developed by the Canadian Hopping Club and by Dell Robins from Minnesota independently of each other. We call ours a Rabbit Obstacle Course. However we do not use weave poles for our courses.

Cavy Agility is another new and exciting sport. It involves a maze of obstacles the cavy progresses through to complete the course.

AHARC Official Rules and Regulations for rabbit hopping and cavy agility were accepted on Sept. 29, 2017. Click to see them now.

AHARC Official Guidebook is under development for its members. Tammy Mazzaferro is our chair. Please contact Tammy at otwbunnies@gmail.com with questions or contributions for the guidebook.