This is an educational model that demonstrates how to follow the significant activities of federal, state and local government. 

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Point of View

During child and adolescent development parents have the opportunity to establish an environment that provide children and teens with life, social, academic and empowerment skills in order to experience success in school, to fulfill their potential and to become a productive citizen.    

Middle schools, high schools and alternative schools should offer civics and government course options, in addition to, the traditional curriculum. 

Mission Statement

The organization shall maintain a digital record of significant past, current and future federal laws which empower the citizens of American society to acquire knowledge about the U.S. government.

For the purposes of this project government is the study of democratic foundations, institutions and norms that are impacted by the management of society through the rule of law.


The site provides relevant information that allows every citizen to stay up-to-date on many aspects of American government.

Furthermore, the site's content is aimed at the following groups: U.S. military personnel and military families, veterans, Department of Defense schools, home school and immigrants.

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