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mario kids t shirt
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  • T Shirt is a 1976 album by Loudon Wainwright III. Unlike his earlier records, this (and the subsequent 'Final Exam') saw Wainwright adopt a full blown rock band (Slowtrain) - though there are acoustic songs on T-Shirt, including a talking blues.
  • Mario is a the debut album by singer Mario, released on March 19, 2002 when he was still 15 years old. It features hits "Just a Friend 2002," "Braid My Hair" and "C'mon". The album sold over 96,000 copies in the first week and was eventually certified Gold, selling over 596,000 copies .
  • Mario Dewar Barrett (born August 27, 1986), who performs under the mononym Mario, is an American R&B singer, actor, model, dancer and philanthropist.
  • Mario is a 1984 Canadian drama film.
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mario kids t shirt - Super Mario
Super Mario Brothers Child's Costume, Toad Costume-Small
Super Mario Brothers Child's Costume, Toad Costume-Small
You will have a blast with our Super Mario Brothers Toad Costume. The red polka dot mushroom cap and blue vest completes the trademark Toad look. Available in children's Small (size 4 to 6), Medium (size 8 to 10), and Large (size 12). Rubie's Costume Company has been making costumes for more than 60 years. We partner with the best movie studios and television productions to bring you the most popular and the widest breadth of characters. Look for Rubie's costumes for kids of all ages, as well as wigs, masks, accessories, everyday dress-up, pet-costumes, seasonal decor and theatrical make-up.

Features include:

•Officially licensed Super Mario Brothers Costume
•Costume features a red polka dot mushroom Toadstool cap
•Vest is also included; pants and shirts sold separately
•Look for all of the Super Mario Brothers costumes and accessories; dress up the whole family or team as your favorite video game characters
•Rubies brings fun to dress-up with costumes and accessories kids play with all year long

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From Tong An to You
From Tong An to You
Tonight, I'm leaving Asia, from Bangkok to Vienna, and finally arriving in Brussels tomorrow, my hometown. Although I already left Taiwan, being in Thailand makes one feel that you're not completely gone or faraway from Taiwan. From Bangkok you still can buy a cheap ticket to go to this island, even for just a week-end. Something I tried yesterday and that ended up like a nightmare. I won't talk about that right now because the wound is still fresh but just know that I was in Taiwan yesterday, more precisely at the Airport but wasn't able to enter the country... Ask my roommates if you wish to know more. Today is my last day in Asia. Once I arrive in Belgium, things will change. My habits, my friends, my interaction with people, my joys, my loves, my pains. I won't be able to come to Taiwan like I used to go to Seven Eleven, whenever I want. Or is it? Is it all about the money here? Everything changes, everything ends. The only certainty is that one thing won't change. My love for all of you that I have met during those seven years. So here is a picture for you. It has been taken and posted three months ago but meanwhile, I met some new friends, and for those, it is worth an update. Be this a reminder of our friendship. Don't forget me, Take care of your life, Choose your path wisely, I will miss you, I love you, A-Bao for his fire, A-Chi for introducing me back to the world of photographers, A-Chiang for his speakers, A-Hong for his electricity knowledge, A-Liang for his seriousness, A-Mien for sleeping with me for two years, A-Sai for influencing me to go to Suho, A-Tsai for his cooking, A-Yu for investing in my first solo exhibition at Organo Aileen for her partnership, Aka for being a bag of energy anytime anywhere, Alanis for having amazing long hair, Andrea for her political advices and introducing me to ThinkTank, Andrew for all the food he provided for my solo exhibition Anita for celebrating her birthday at my place, Anita's sister and friends for always being there for the parties, Augustin for helping me with a model, Aunt Yoshiko for being my aunt, Aunt Kyoko for being my aunt aswell, Aunt Masako for being my aunt too, Aunt Michi for being my aunt again, Barbara for her reads, Bernadette for bringing up Pierre, Big Head for being Ted's best friend, Big Head for marrying my little Xia-Fen and taking care of her, Blake for the Caotun article Bonnie for this should-have-met-you-earlier feeling, Brian for talking nonsense to me, Brice (Shi-Jie) for his dreams and ideas about new businesses, Brina for living with me and for the tiramisu cakes, Casper for letting me feel weird, Cecil for having a hot bold head, Cedric for letting me take pictures of him under the shower, Cedric for taking those pictures during my last week in Taiwan, Celena for dressing up for my party, Celine for her amazing sketches of Taiwan, Charles for the set of iD pictures, Chih Wei for his talented points of view on Taiwan, Chin Chin for her being funnily drunk, Chris for the Living Room incident, Christophe for the Art of Chihiro, Cindy for her suite in Tainan Hotel, CJ for letting me do whatever I want at Tonwando, Claudine for the strawberry poky, Colin for the chocolate koala and for being my future business partner, Da-Jun for the advices in ThinkTank, Da-Huei for introducing Taiwan to me in such a strange way, Dad for everything, Dad’s family for making me feel more courageous, Daichi for making me feel jealous about him, Damien for the bottles of wine and the boeuf bourguignon, Dodo for relaxing herself on the floor of our appartment, Donald for the fight we had, Elephant for trying to have a new haircut before meeting me, Ellie for the "egg" she offered me, Elsa for having a connection with Kering, Eva for taking me back to Taichung, Evelyn for spreading hysteria at Tong An, Evy for coming with Mira, Fang-Yi for her cutest taiwanese accent, Frederic for the glass of alcohol at Sofa, Francois for his love and for being the reason I came back to Taiwan, Frank for his medical expertise, Gemma for being such a sensitive woman and for my lips comment, George for the Suho showroom help, George for being interested in my pictures Grace for her encouragement and MOT, Grace for being a freak herself, Grandma for giving birth to my mom, Guislain for the exceptional military parade on Roosevelt road, Guo-Long for his photography expertise, Guo-Ming for his camera's view, Hank for having this strange relation with my cousin, Happy for taking care of my cousin, Highart for giving me the opportunity of working with him in Taiwan, Hiro for forgiving me for his wedding pictures delay, Holei for her smile that melts away all the problems of the world, Hong-Zhong for bein such an amazing husband, Hsin-San for being such a confident to me, Hsin-Yi for the ar
so fine I left the house again today coughing and sneezing on the subway after a morning of wrestling myself into some lovely yoga effective pointedly not eating putting on a string bikini strong bitter tea accomplishing things walking down 6th ave and finding two cacti in the flower district packed with mescaline (as far as I could tell) for $10 each:=$21.78 while I waited for the Russian lady to finish telling me why I can't cat Damiana from her coz she only uses Artemisia for decoration (I didn't bother forrecteing her, just pet her big loving grey Tom Cat while she prattled on) walked down 6th deposited the check in their bank a deep voice. big tall bear... tongue hanging out of my mouth I followed him up to the door went up to blue lotus Danny wearing J's shirt looked more boring than I'd ever seen him... there I go again hating those who love me I wanted to make him skip school I'm a bad daddy She gave me pills and I ran off through the slight rain cross Madison park to the casting call some other music video higher clout as a executioner we'll see... very little to report on that but really it seemed as if it were set up for and by kids who it never occurred to grow up feeling old? the imagination of kids makes fun stuff though the imagination of adults... well... (not to generalize) for still being sick I hope I looked alright headed back over and down now the weather warm and bright I stopped in Tekserve and bought a USB game controller $21.78 and continued down the block into Pong Sri to have a big bowl of Tom Kha Gai (mmm coconut milk chicken soup) exchanges with my friend from Amsterdam I dropped off some mail at 200w21 and met up with M in BigD's on 14th we sat in Union Square til it started to rain he gave me Dutch candies I let him play with my iPad we walked through the pouring rain to get some hot chochlate (he got a sugary crepe) say and talked in sone tourist dive gigantic people flanking us it's my turn for love he told me he had to meet Inez and I was losing ground I made my way standing subway to subway back home through the rush hour exhausted exhausted exhausted sweaty and tired I rinsed off lay down my back on a pillow opening my ribs I passes out for what felt like an hour then started eating chocolate covered sprouted almonds and trying to figure out how to get my game controller to work arranging my cactus getting my new apps to function right right Right! then played Super Mario for an hour I Suck! is it coz I'm old? or sick and brain damaged? I switched to SoulBlazer, which Dani introduced me to and got lost in that for hours how did that happen? blink of an eye and it's 2am! fuck I should be sleeping I should be dreaming I should be more grateful though I really am yeah the judgements of judgements of course what I am includes that release release just be it's time for this make time for this it's time... .iP

mario kids t shirt