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Dining Furniture Rooms

dining furniture rooms
    furniture rooms
  • (Furniture Room) Chat rooms that support the use of furniture items.
  • Eat dinner in a restaurant or the home of friends
  • the act of eating dinner
  • Eat (something) for dinner
  • Eat dinner
  • (dine) have supper; eat dinner; "We often dine with friends in this restaurant"
  • (dine) give dinner to; host for dinner; "I'm wining and dining my friends"

Dining Room
Dining Room
Mom's new dining room furniture, made by mennonites down near St Jacobs (where she's from). She desperately needed a new table and has never had a nice hutch before to display china and stuff. Looks nice and frees up more room in the kitchen. There are two more leaves that fit in the table, and she got the wide one too so if we had to (!) we could fit two at each end. I went home after the cottage last weekend to steal a car. Even if Jenny's stuck here doing field work I will be there next weekend when my brother comes up with the baby!
Dining Room
Dining Room
Here is a picture of the dining room complete with the new furniture. I bought it for my wife for our second anniversary. It is beautiful and really fits the look of the house.

dining furniture rooms