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Wooden Furniture Wheels

wooden furniture wheels
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wooden furniture wheels - Ship Wheel
Ship Wheel 12" - Ship Wheels Wooden & Brass - Nautical Decorative Gift Solid Brass Home Nautical Decor - Executive Promotional Gift
Ship Wheel 12" - Ship Wheels Wooden & Brass - Nautical Decorative Gift Solid Brass Home Nautical Decor - Executive Promotional Gift
The Hampton Nautical Wooden Ship's Wheel is by far the highest quality ship wheels available. Made from rare, high quality Shisham wood imported from India, a hardwood similar to teak that is highly regarded for its ability to resist foul weather and the elements. The ship wheel has six spokes, each skillfully turned and assembled with plugged screw heads. The solid brass center hubs have a standard one-inch diameter hole and machined keyways.Any of our ship wheels will help turn any room, cabin, deck, patio or garden into your own nautical wonderland. Solid brass center hub Rare Shisham hardwood resists the elements

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Vintage Industrial Factory Farm Boxes Crates
Vintage Industrial Factory Farm Boxes Crates
These were a set of 6 industrial factory box crates. They are very well made. After 100 + years they have still retained their original structure and integrity. Seems shameful that they were sold to Levi Strauss recently to be used as mere display for garments instead of laboring in a factory or farm loaded and unloaded of food product or grinding wheels.
Grandpa's Game
Grandpa's Game
My grandfather made this game, and some of the furniture in our house, in his little workshop in Cromwell Road, Finchley Central. The red car only threw a one on the first turn.

wooden furniture wheels