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Klaussner Furniture Ashton Panel

klaussner furniture ashton panel
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klaussner furniture ashton panel - Klaussner Furniture
Klaussner Furniture 565-XXXXXXX Ashton Panel Bed Size: Queen
Klaussner Furniture 565-XXXXXXX Ashton Panel Bed Size: Queen
Klaussner Furniture 565-XXXXXXX Classic, yet updated in a black finish with a light espresso brush, the Ashton Panel Bed is perfect for a casual, relaxed or contemporary setting and delivers a feeling of warmth and coziness to the bedroom it resides. With a commitment to quality and heightened attention to style and design, the Ashton collection from Klaussner Furniture is a great addition to your home decor. Features: -Black finish with a light espresso brush -Crafted of rubberwood and medium density fiberboard -Cherry veneers -Antique Nickel hardware -Consists of a panel headboard, panel footboard and siderails Specifications: -Queen Panel Headboard Dimensions: 61.5" H x 73" W x 3.5" D -Queen Panel Footboard Dimensions: 30" H x 71" W x 3.75" D -Queen Siderails Dimensions: 7" H x 81" W x 2" D -Queen Panel Bed Overall Dimensions: 61.5" H x 73" W x 88.25" D -King Panel Headboard Dimensions: 61.5" H x 85" W x 3.5" D -King Panel Footboard Dimensions: 30" H x 83" W x 3.75" D -King Siderails Dimensions: 7" H x 81" W x 2" D -King Panel Bed Overall Dimensions: 61.5" H x 85" W x 88.25" D Size: Queen

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Ashton Bridges
Ashton Bridges
I took this capture of the two Ashton Bridges along the Blackstone River Bikeway in Cumberland R.I. on a beautiful late summer day. It is such a wonderful area for a bike ride or a walk .
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klaussner furniture ashton panel
klaussner furniture ashton panel
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