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international furniture dealers
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international furniture dealers - Galtech BP737
Galtech BP737 Replacement Bottom Pole for 737
Galtech BP737 Replacement Bottom Pole for 737
Galtech BP737 This is the replacement part for the umbrellas bottom pole, pole is 39" high and 1.5" in Diameter. It can be used with both "Made In The Shade" and "Oasis" model umbrellas. About Galtech Galtech International has been continually striving to create the most innovative market umbrellas available to the casual marketplace. We integrate the finest components possible in order to manufacture the quality products that our dealers have come to know us by. Whether it is utilizing a stainless stell cable or applying six layers of varnish, we have always desired to make a "better market umbrella," an umbrella that everybody who purchases would be extremely proud to have showcased in their backyard. Our commitment to customer service and dealer satisfaction is second to none. Quick shipment of orders has been the norm, not the exception. Having an abundance of replacement parts to service our products is as important to us as the original sale. Galtech International dealers have experienced this dedication to the customer over the past 14 years and have responded by trusting their umbrella business to us, relying on us to deliver quality products that can grow their umbrella sales.Galtech will not warranty any umbrellas not meant to be used in a commercial application for any period of time.Galtech will not warranty any umbrellas not meant to be used in a commercial application for any period of time.

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Vargonai PM Urmas
Vargonai PM Urmas
International antiques and flea market "WHEELS OF TIME" - is a popular convention of antiquities of the Baltic countries. Arts and crafts collections and antiquities are of a growing interest to more and more people in Lithuania. Interest in Lithuanian antiquities are also noted to be increasing. Scrupulous people making sense of things that are genuine, old and valuable. Newcomers arriving at the antiques market, - the festival “Wheels of Time”, have the opportunity to get to know different cultures and aesthetic values of previous eras. This festival, aims to promote not only knowledge of the subtleties of antiques, but to help remember the old Lithuanian ways, and also with other cultures, giving the opportunity to look at historical events differently. More than 100 antique dealers from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other foreign countries sell various ancient merchandise: antique cars, motorcycles and parts, art works, paintings, tableware, interior parts, furniture, clocks, coins, original inter-war and postwar times reminding multi-purpose objects.

international furniture dealers