Good Deals On Furniture

good deals on furniture
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  • Furniture + 2 is the most recent EP released by American post-hardcore band Fugazi. It was recorded in January and February 2001, the same time that the band was recording their last album, The Argument, and released in October 2001 on 7" and on CD.
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2. Hip Pivot Screw Attachment
2. Hip Pivot Screw Attachment
You'll find a hip pivot screw on each side of the chair. (See the notes on the photo.) The best way to remove these is to turn them counterclockwise using a 6mm hex bit and the ratchet wrench, as described in Herman Miller's instructions. I didn't have a 6mm hex bit, so I used a 6mm hex wrench, as shown here. It took some force to get the pivot screws loose at first, but after that it wasn't hard. Still, a tool with a longer handle would have made this a lot easier. The instructions make it clear that you should support the seat frame while removing the hip pivot screws, to prevent product damage. There are also special instructions to follow if the threaded inserts begin to turn when you remove the hip pivot screws. The threaded inserts are the metal cylinders molded into each side of the plastic seat frame, for the hip pivot screws to screw into. They are hollow metal cylinders with threads (grooves) on the inside surface. If a threaded insert turned, that would mean it had torn loose from the plastic seat frame, and was still tightly attached to the hip pivot screw. Unfortunately, it's not very easy to see if the threaded inserts are turning or not. You have to look into the narrow space between the seat frame and the hip pivot screw mount. You'll want good light for this. This was not a problem for me. The threaded inserts stayed put while the hip pivot screwed backed out the way they were supposed to. Perhaps by now I take much of the Aeron's design for granted. It wasn't until I took the first hip pivot screw out, and saw its swiveling gimbal mount, that I got the feeling I was dealing with an artifact created by an advanced civilization--like the time my oldest son and I broke into the bottom of an iMac to replace a failed hard drive, and found a custom fastener and beautiful fit and finish where a consumer's eye would normally never go. IMG_2502.jpg
Moe's Good-Bye Party
Moe's Good-Bye Party
Today, my longtime friend MOe heads west to Albuquerque for a new job and new state. The past few weeks for MOe has been filled with reunions, farewell dinners, and moving. Actually, he didn't have a lot of stuff so that part wasn't TOO bad. The actual moving equipment was much more difficult to deal with than any furniture or boxes that needed to be moved. Here he is holding up one gift (I'll show you mine tomorrow) that he got: a Cincinnati Bengals bike. Or, a Big Ben killer, as it was called during that party. I just wanted to say good luck to him on his new life out there and look forward to seeing him when he comes back to town from time to time. And yes, he closed his eyes on purpose for that picture. He's that much of a jerk.

good deals on furniture