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Public Investment Program

public investment program
    public investment
  • A bond is a debt investment in which an investor loans a certain amount of money, for a certain amount of time, with a certain interest rate, to a company. A government bond is a bond issued by a national government denominated in the country's own currency.
  • Total infrastructure spending in Indonesia was 55 trillion Rupiah in 2005 (US$ 5.7 billion). These expenditures were financed mainly by the local (23 trillion Rupiah) and central government (also 23 million Rupiah), followed by the provincial government (9 million Rupiah).
  • Cause (a person or animal) to behave in a predetermined way
  • write a computer program
  • Input (instructions for the automatic performance of a task) into a computer or other machine
  • arrange a program of or for; "program the 80th birthday party"
  • Provide (a computer or other machine) with coded instructions for the automatic performance of a particular task
  • plan: a series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished; "they drew up a six-step plan"; "they discussed plans for a new bond issue"
public investment program - Postal Savings
Postal Savings and Fiscal Investment and Loan Program in Japan: The PSS and the FILP
Postal Savings and Fiscal Investment and Loan Program in Japan: The PSS and the FILP
The book provides an overview of the Postal Savings System and the Fiscal Investment and Loan Program. These institutions are a major feature of Japanese finance, not extensively discussed outside of Japan. Together, they represent a wide-ranging system of government financial intermediation that is increasingly incompatible with Japan's early efforts to develop a modern financial system and help reverse the economic and financial decline that started in the early 1990s. The book is a mixture of policy, institutional, and quantitative analysis.

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Boba Fett public viewing on Tatooine
Boba Fett public viewing on Tatooine
"...Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, goal, goal, goal, in the 90th minute...we are in the final Darth, in the final..." "Victory for Germany - 3:2 against the Turkish team, what a match Darth, I have told you Germany will win. Your cape was a good investment." "And on Sunday we will watch the final also all together." "The force will be with Germany." The whole empire is excited by the UEFA EURO 2008 in Austria & Switzerland. All differences between the empire and the rebellion are forgotten. Soccer brings the people together - everywhere.
KKR goes public
KKR goes public
Taking advantage of the recovery in financial markets global private equity giant Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) is going public. It has filed to sell $2.2 billion worth of stock in an initial public offering on the NYSE. The sale values the private equity firm at approximately $7.3 billion and when debt is included, its enterprise value is closer to $9.3 billion.

public investment program
public investment program
Underwriting Democracy: Encouraging Free Enterpirse And Democratic Reform Among the Soviets and in Eastern Europe
George Soros has done more for open societies than any other private citizen in the world. In Underwriting Democracy he describes his experiences helping to bring about democratic change in Eastern Europe—experiences that are especially relevant now that our country has begun to intervene (though in an entirely different way than Soros) to create functioning democracies. Throughout the 1980s George Soros worked to identify and fund the growing political movements that caused the downfall of Eastern Europe's Communist governments. He established foundations, first in his native Hungary, and then in eight other countries, and used them to finance everything from the installation of previously forbidden copying machines in public libraries to the creation of experimental schools, clubs, and workshops for the support of dissidents. This unprecedented, and brilliant, financial and logistical support helped to bring down the communist regimes in peaceful revolutions across the continent. These are thrilling stories about facing down—and getting past—the Communist party powers in order to change these nations from the inside out.