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Cornerstone Overseas Investment Limited

cornerstone overseas investment limited
    overseas investment
  • Investment arising from the offset agreement, taking the form of capital invested to establish or expand a subsidiary or joint venture in the foreign country.
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cornerstone overseas investment limited - Growing Your
Growing Your Business Overseas (World Assoc/Investment Promotn)
Growing Your Business Overseas (World Assoc/Investment Promotn)
Do you want to expand your business overseas? With the state of the domestic econoy many businesses are looking to expand overseas.This essential guide shows you how to invest and do business in international markets. Foreword by the president of World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies: The authority on worldwide investment. With the opportunity of additional revenue streams through new overseas markets, or with a new production base and cheaper costs, now is a great time to grow your business internationally. Investing overseas is a fantastic opportunity to grow your business, but it can be hard to know where to start And what about all the questions you need answers to before investing your time, money and energy. Should you set up abroad through acquisition or merger, strategic partnership or open a subsidiary? Which is the best market for your business? How do you deal with regulations, legislation and other red tape? What's the most effective way of handling currency fluctuations? Written in an accessible, jargon-free way, we take you step-by-step through everything you need to consider, including negotiating the right deals and how to find the country that is the best fit for your business.

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cornerstone overseas investment limited
cornerstone overseas investment limited
The Insured Portfolio: Your Gateway to Stress-Free Global Investments (Agora Series)
How to safely, easily, and as tax efficiently as possible diversify and hedge against the dollar’s fall
It's no secret–the U.S. economy is in crisis mode, threatening everything from personal savings to our overall prosperity as a nation. Panicking is not the answer. Having a clear game plan is. In this environment, investors must protect themselves from the immense financial uncertainties they face as a saver or an investor in the 21st Century. Investors need solid information about ways to recession-proof their retirement and investment portfolios.
The Insured Portfolio offers that guidance revealing the major financial threats the 21st Century Saver and Investor faces and showing them how to build a strong portfolio and protect their assets. Written in smart, engaging prose, the book:
• Details ways to invest overseas, and specifically–how to use international private placement policies as a way to protect assets and reduce taxes
• Provides investors with the tips and tools needed to profit overseas with insurance, including how to bypass the international restrictions often used to keep investors from seeking opportunities in other countries
For those seeking customized asset protection, a dollar hedge, global investment diversification, tax privileged growth and estate planning, there is not another single solution on the market today that can achieve all of these objectives at once better than The Insured Portfolio.