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Discount Furniture Sectionals

discount furniture sectionals
  • A sofa made in sections that can be used separately as chairs
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discount furniture sectionals - 3pcs Sectional
3pcs Sectional Sofa Set with Ottoman in Chocolate Finish
3pcs Sectional Sofa Set with Ottoman in Chocolate Finish
3pcs Sectional Sofa Set with Ottoman in Chocolate Finish
You will receive a total of 1 right chaise, 1 ottoman and 1 sofa.
Dimension of the Chaise: 84"W x 34"D x 36"H
Dimension of the Sofa: 78"W x 34"D x 36"H
Dimension of the Ottoman: 38"W x 26"D x 20"H:
Finish: Chocolate and Brown
Material: Microfiber and Faux Leather
3pcs Sectional Sofa Set with Ottoman in Chocolate Finish
Included 2 free accent pillows.
Enjoy easy cleaning and lasting durability with the high grade micro fiber
This sofa set is perfect center piece to any style living room decor.
Assembly required

76% (7)
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first sectional
first sectional
Found this Ashley furniture sectional on sale, good terms, managed to make a down payment and will have easy to manage payments. We needed something else in here for seating. Forcing us to open the living room up. Will have photos after we get it figured out in here, private possibly. Comfortable to sit on at least. Should manage to keep our cream comforter as well, one way or another. Not our apartment obviously in the above photo. Google hit, increased in size to make it clearer to see the features. Laura has wanted one of these things for years. Nice little chaise lounge section or "psychiatric chair" as someone said. Not only will the apartment be able to support visitors more easily now, but I have the desk out here now for all my music projects and misc computer efforts. Oh yeah!

discount furniture sectionals
discount furniture sectionals
Sectional Furniture - Discount Sectional Group #2
Are you getting tired of looking at Sectional furniture not fitting your criteria? Foamiture has designed the perfect Sectional living room furniture that is sure to surpass all your lounging needs! This Sectional Sofa set has everything you’ll ever need out of your mid-range Sectional. You might be asking yourself these questions: Is it affordable? Will it fit into the room I have in mind? Will it be able to fit through my door frame? The simple answer is this: Foamiture Sectionals are simply the best. Lightweight? Easily move any Sectional Piece single-handedly without breaking a sweat! Easy to move? Absolutely. Affordable? You’ll likely have plenty left over to decorate from our Discount Sectional Group price! This Sectional Sofa group is perfect in every way possible. Ready for living rooms, rec rooms, apartments, and even bedrooms, this Sectional Sofa set’s contemporary style, lightweight structure, versatility, and 5 person seating won’t have you wishing for more! This Contemporary Sectional furniture will look great anywhere you decide to place it. Do you live on the third floor or are you thinking about furniture for your basement? This lightweight foam Sectional group won’t add back strain, allowing easy transport up or down the stairs! (Better yet, open your shrunken Sectional seats in their designated room for zero moving at all!) When you have all 6 pieces in the room toget