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ashley furniture classic curves
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  • Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. is a furniture manufacturing company headquartered in Arcadia, Wisconsin. The company is owned by father and son team Ron and Todd Wanek. Ashley Furniture manufactures and distributes home furniture products throughout the world.
  • Remarkably and instructively typical
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ashley furniture classic curves - Curves: Permanent
Curves: Permanent Results Without Permanent Dieting
Curves: Permanent Results Without Permanent Dieting
The power to amaze in 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week.

Two million women have discovered Gary Heavin's secret to permanent weight loss at more than six thousand Curves fitness and weight-loss centers around the country. In thirty minutes, three times a week-and without a restrictive diet-many have been able to take off the weight and keep it off for good.

The Curves Promise:

- A unique three-part nutrition plan that produces results quickly and shows how to maintain weight loss in order to eat normally for 28 days, and only monitor food intake two days a month
- A Metabolic Tune-Up helps deter yo-yo dieting and shows how to lose weight by eating more, not less
- Simple self-tests determine calorie or carbohydrate sensitivity, helping women individualize their food plan
- Shopping lists, meal plans, recipes, food and supplement guides, and charts to track progress and guide users through every phase of the nutrition and exercise plan - A complete Curves At-Home workout, combining strength training and aerobics and taking only thirty minutes a day-no more than three times a week

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Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Hamlyn Panel Headboard
Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Hamlyn Panel Headboard
With rich traditional style infused with a European flair, the sophisticated elegance of the "Hamlyn" bedroom collection is sure to enhance the beauty of any bedroom decor. The rich medium brown finish beautifully covers an exquisite cherry veneer that is enhanced with a sophisticated Prima Vera inlay veneer to create an overall traditionally styled collection. With inlay frame drawers, antique bronze colored metal hardware and a beautifully beveled mirror, this bedroom collection captures the true beauty of grand traditional style furniture. Create a magical atmosphere with the rich elegant design of the "Hamlyn" bedroom collection.
Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Tucker Tile Top Dining Table
Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Tucker Tile Top Dining Table
The rich rustic design of the "Tucker" dining room collection beautifully combines a variety of materials to create a furniture collection that is sure to enhance the atmosphere of any dining experience. The inviting warm brown finish, flowing smoothly over the straight-line rustic design, is perfectly complemented by the inset textured faux slate tiles making this rustic collection the exceptional choice for any dining room decor. With the beautiful craftsmanship of the neutral toned fabric upholstered seats, the "Tucker" dining room collection is sure to transform any home.

ashley furniture classic curves
ashley furniture classic curves
Close to 2 million women have discovered Gary Heavin's secret to permanent weight loss at the nearly six thousand Curves fitness and weight-loss centers around the country. There, they've discovered that in thirty minutes, three times a week, and without a restrictive diet, they can take their weight off and keep it off for good. Now, for the first time, Gary Heavin brings this remarkable program directly to you in his first book for the general public. Here's what you'll find in Curves:

* the exercise program: thirty minutes a day-no more than three times a week;
* a combination of strength-training and aerobics that can be done at home or at the Curves center;
* a temporary diet plan that produces permanent results;
* questionnaires to determine if you're calorie sensitive or carbohydrate sensitive, helping you to individualize your food plan;
* a unique maintenance plan that allows you to eat full portions after the initial weight loss; and
* a coupon for one free week at any Curves center in the country. (good for one-week membership at any Curves location, new members only, must be 18 years or older)

Gary Heavin's revolutionary plan reprograms the metabolism to absorb 2,500 to 3,000 calories per day. That means full portions without gaining weight. And you'll see major results within two weeks.

If you don't mind wading through subtly persistent salesmanship throughout the book, the Curves guide has a wealth of practical advice that clearly continues to help women around the world achieve better health and lasting weight loss. Packed with information-—including multiple diet plans for different body types and different stages and tests designed to lead to the proper combination—-the first few chapters are a little overwhelming. Are you sensitive to calories or carbohydrates? Need to lose more or less than 25 pounds? Hold steady—-the hugely popular 30-minute exercise program (for either home or health club) is utterly simple, well designed, and accompanied by thorough instructions and helpful illustrations. Shopping lists and recipes are included in later sections, which vastly simplify your life once you've determined which diet and which stage you're starting; straightforward tips at the very end provide the key highlights that make the program a success. Still, some readers may take offense at the regular mentions of the record-breaking franchise and the assorted brand-name products (protein shakes, official club membership coupon) and the somewhat over-the-top customer profiles, all of which are from women who lost over 100 pounds through the Curves centers. Underneath the hype, you'll find a solidly crafted program offering plenty of long-term benefits—-even if you don't ever set foot in a health club. --Jill Lightner