Outdoor Deep Seating Furniture

outdoor deep seating furniture
    deep seating
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outdoor deep seating furniture - Outdoor Patio
Outdoor Patio Deep Seating Set
Outdoor Patio Deep Seating Set
Features: * Super-durable steel frames on each piece * Weather-proof powder-coated black finish * Red outdoor fabric cushions with black piping * Solution-dyed outdoor fabric * Includes 2 spring rocking chairs, 1 loveseat, 1 coffee table * Chairs: 24.0 L x 25.0 W x 36.0 H inches * Loveseat: 24.0 L x 48.0 W x 36.0 H inches * Coffee Table: 36.0 L x 22.0 W x 17.0 H * Tempered Glass Top About Pride Family Brands A penchant for creating premium-quality, hand-made, custom-designed casual furniture distinguishes Pride Family Brands as a design leader in the casual furniture industry. For over 30 years, Pride Family Brands has thrived on the goal of combining innovation and artistry to provide customers with the finest durable casual furniture. After moving from Miami, FL, to Costa Rica, the company has incorporated highly skilled craftsmen, a full-service production line with more than 800 members, and advanced technology to preserve the luxurious quality of their products by manufacturing them one piece at a time. Pride Family Brands' collections reflect a nature-inspired, yet sophisticated ambiance that embraces the importance of crafting an outdoor living space to accommodate you. With products that are hand-painted, hand-polished, and faux finished, Pride Family Brands makes it easy to create that inventive and charismatic place to retreat to - at home. Staff collaboration, award-winning designs, industry firsts, and exclusive patented processes are the motivating factors behind Pride Family Brands' opulent collection of traditional and contemporary pieces. Enjoy this hard to find 4pc Rocking Deep Seating Patio Set. Coffee Table has Tempered Glass and all cushions Velcro to the Frame. Very Little Assembly.

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Patio Set
Patio Set
Teak patio set for outdoors or indoors has always been considered to be one of the best choices for wood furniture. The reasons are many - starting with the fact that Teak Wood is one of the best woods available for making furniture. Teak wood has a great honey brown color, has tight grain, and is resistant to insects and rot (due to its natural oils).
Vintage Metal Outdoor Rocking Chair
Vintage Metal Outdoor Rocking Chair
You will have the best seat at the BBQ in this vintage rocking chair. This unique metal rocker is in great condition, painted red and will add a great retro touch to your outdoor space! Measures 38'' tall, 29'' wide, 35 3/4'' deep

outdoor deep seating furniture
outdoor deep seating furniture
Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 6pc Deep Seating Couch Set
All Ohana Collection patio sets are made and sold exclusively by Ohana Depot.
Please confirm you are ordering a genuine Ohana Collection product.

A beautiful outdoor seating area that you have always dreamed of!
Constructed from a lightweight aluminum frame and hand woven with a rich black color PE rattan, this set is designed to withstand the elements. The Ohana ( Family ) Collection will be the center for any outside gathering for years to come. It is a timeless design highlighted by clean lines and minimalist charm. It is designed to keep you and your friends comfortable for hours! The tempered glass-topped coffee table is perfect for setting down food and beverages; while the deep seats help you to relax. 4 inch thick beige cushions come with zipper for easy cleaning.