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Make Rustic Log Furniture

make rustic log furniture
    log furniture
  • Log Furniture, is a type of rustic furniture, incorporating the use of whole logs. It is often designed to have a "pioneer" look. Log Furniture is often very durable and long-lasting, depending on the manufacturing methods used.
  • Western and rustic style furnishings that are made out of actual wood logs.
  • Furniture crafted from wood logs. Log furniture is known for its style of long, cylindrical pieces and is prized for its rustic sometimes craggy look. Although some prefer the sleeker more finished log pieces.
  • Lacking the sophistication of the city; backward and provincial
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  • an unsophisticated country person
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make rustic log furniture - Build Your
Build Your Own Log Furniture: Ten Great Projects You Can Build For Fun or Profit
Build Your Own Log Furniture:  Ten Great Projects You Can Build For Fun or Profit
You can learn how to build log furniture like the pros! Using this 160 pg. information packed how to book. Over 200 pictures & illustrations & easy to understand directions. You can soon be building for fun or profit.BED FRAMES,BAR STOOLS,BENCHES ect. Book is endorsed by MINWAX & includes their recommendations on finishing. The secrets and information revealed in this book are:MARKETING, LOGS AND MATERIAL,TENNON &MORTISE,TOOLS,SANDING,DRILLING 10 PROJECTS & MUCH MORE! This is the newest & best book available for the rustic furniture building industry. If your looking for a new career in rustic log furniture building,"this is the book!"Learn this great "old skill" and move toward greater self sufficiency and a sense of accomplishment.

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Tea Room in the woods Good Hart, Michigan
Tea Room in the woods     Good Hart, Michigan
Good Heart and Soal Rustic Tea Room Within a cozy corner of a serene and sweet-smelling rustic shop just a stone’s throw from the lapping waves of Lake Michigan, is a little tea room whose “greater purpose” is about to manifest. Those who often drive the picturesque “Tunnel of Trees”(M-119) north of Harbor Springs have come to look forward to a stop at Primitive Images rustic furniture shop and its ever-so-charming tea room called Good Hart & Soul. Both businesses are the creations of local resident Ceci Bauer and are housed in her handsome 1850s log cabin, rescued from a remote location in Canada and carefully reassembled in tiny “downtown” Good Hart. Bauer, involved in selling rustic furniture and accesories for some 30 years, says that adding the tea room in 2005 was a way to enhance the experience for those visiting her shop. The decidedly retro-plus-north-woods flavor of the tea room does suit the nontraditional (this is not “high tea”) and welcoming atmosphere. “I wanted to keep the room bright and fun by using the colors of the green and yellow Fiesta-style cups and teapots, and I planned to use the outdoor decks under the trees as additional places to sit and relax,” she explains. FOR EVERY TASTE The tea is fresh-brewed to order, and with over 25 types of loose leaf tea from around the world, as well as local favorites such as “By the Light of Day” tea from Traverse City, there is really something for every taste. But beyond the obvious, pleasing qualities of owning a beautiful rustic shop and its lovely tea room, Bauer brings a sense of her own spirituality to the mix. “The overall feeling of the store has always been important to me”, she says. “People tell me they are very comfortable here.” And after recently making a personal connection with California writer, Kimberly Marooney, whose “Angel Blessings” book and cards are sold at Primitive Images, Bauer was inspired to bring the best-selling author, speaker, minister and spiritual path counselor to the Good Hart & Soul tea room.
Sittin' Area
Sittin' Area
Inside the cabin. It's self-guided and free, no stuffy tour guides or outrageous fees, or rules about not taking pictures. My type of place! :D On the way back from Colorado, we made a short stop in North Platte, Nebraska, to check out Buffalo Bill's house and ranch. It's a really cool little place to stop, so I highly recommend it! Not to mention that North Platte is a cool town and has a lot of great old stuff to look at, especially a lot of cool old neon Motel signs! Hope I can visit again someday, even though Nebraska is superflat and makes hillbillies like me cry.

make rustic log furniture
make rustic log furniture
Cedar Log Twin Bed
Bring your love of nature indoors with Natural Cedar Log Beds, Dresser and Nightstand. SAVE! Each of these handcrafted creamy White Cedar Beds, Dressers and Nightstands are made from Northern White Cedar logs. All log furniture is subject to the natural process of checking or splitting. Checking happens as wood releases moisture. It is the usual result of wood seasoning and doesn't compromise strength. State Size. Note: Beds are shipped in 2 packages (3 with King). Mattress and Bedding not included. The 5-Drawer Dresser is shipped already assembled, in one box. AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: Full, Queen or King Cedar Log Bed, Cedar Log 5-Drawer Dresser, Cedar Log Nightstand, Additional Support System and Log Cabin Quilt and Shams - word search in our Store for 'Log Cabin Furniture'. Twin Cedar Log Bed... Measures 82 x 43 x 45" h. Weighs 71 lbs. Please Note: This is a Heavy / Bulky item. $10.00 for heavy / bulky shipping and handling will be charged in addition to regular shipping and handling.