American factory furniture - Round sectional furniture.

American Factory Furniture

american factory furniture
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american factory furniture - Closing: The
Closing: The Life and Death of an American Factory
Closing: The Life and Death of an American Factory
The story of the White Furniture Company--a century-old, family-owned business that was bought out by a huge corporate conglomerate and later closed--puts a human face on the economic realities of the 1990s.
Bill Bamberger took his revealing and powerful photographs during the last four months of operation on the factory floor, working side by side with the White employees. Cathy Davidson's text focuses on six people who represent every economic level in the American workforce: CEO, executive assistant, middle manager, supervisor, skilled artisan, and manual laborer. 31 full-color and 61 black-and-white photographs

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Majestic Farm Table E 2
Majestic Farm Table E 2
From PK Woodworks Store Burnsville, NC. Our Majestic Farm Table was made from the reclaimed wood of the centries old American Tabacco Factory. Rustic Furniture, Reclaimed wood furniture, Green Living. Custom, farm tabels, rustic beds, benches
Becksteiner Rebenhof Hotel
Becksteiner Rebenhof Hotel
The following photos are from my recent trip to Germany. I went there for VS Furniture's American Days factory tour. We stayed in this lovely hotel near Lauda-Konigshofen that has wonderful views of vineyards, orchards and Beckstein.

american factory furniture
american factory furniture
Wood Trunk Wardrobe for American Girl Dolls, Magic Attic, Gotz, Bitty Babies
FACTORY SECOND of our line of doll trunks! Perfectly scaled to fit 18" American Girl Dolls , My Twin and collectible Boyds bears. Designed and manufactured by us (The Queen's Treasures). Cherry-stained wood - accented with antiqued brass corners and hinges. Wooden cross straps reminiscent of old steamer trunks and a leather-like handle. Inside features generous hanging bars on both sides which are removeable if you choose. 2 storage drawers for accessory storage! 21" high x 10" deep x 12" wide.