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Used Furniture Stores Seattle

used furniture stores seattle
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  • King Street Station is a train station in Seattle, Washington. Located between S. King and S. Jackson Streets and 2nd and 4th Avenues S. in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle, the station is just south of downtown.
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Economic Fears Reignite Market Slump
Economic Fears Reignite Market Slump
OCTOBER 16, 2008 Economic Fears Reignite Market Slump Stocks Post Biggest Drop Since 1987 Crash as Retail Sales Fall, Commodities Sink and Investors Worry About Hedge Funds By SUDEEP REDDY, JENNIFER SARANOW and ANN Fears of a deep recession sparked the worst drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 21 years, as retail sales tumbled, demand for commodities sank and bank earnings fell. Bloomberg News/Landov SOMBER OUTLOOK: As markets fell Wednesday, Fed chief Ben Bernanke said stabilizing financial markets won't spur a broad economic recovery overnight. The latest data suggest the U.S. economy is poised to fall into its deepest recession since the early 1980s. That news, coupled with renewed signs of trouble in the all-important markets for credit, reignited the sell-off in stock markets, all but wiping out the huge gains that shares had made in Monday's rally. The Dow dropped 733.08 points, or 7.9%, to 8577.91 as recession fears and continuing doubts about the world financial system's prospects shook investors. Wednesday's decline marked the Dow's largest percentage drop since October 1987 and the second-biggest point drop ever. The index is down 21% this month and almost 40% from its record close a year ago. Other indexes plunged, too, including the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index, which fell 9.03%. Overall, investors lost about $1.1 trillion in U.S. stock-market value on Wednesday, the second day in history that they have lost more than $1 trillion in one day. In another sign of economic weakness, demand for the most important raw materials continued to slide, with oil and copper prices falling sharply. With the big drop in stocks, many investors fled into safe-haven instruments like the two-year Treasury bond, which rose in price, sending its yield down to 1.6%, while the 10-year bond price rose slightly to yield 4%. The stock market was unnerved late in the day by new fears of instability in the financial system, this time in the hedge-fund industry. Traders heard talk that hedge fund Citadel Investment Group, whose funds are down between 26% and 30% for the year, was facing margin calls. The rumors fed an already anxious market, where investors have grown worried that some big, highly debt-dependent hedge funds could fail, causing more market declines. Citadel said its financial situation remained strong. Adding to the somber mood, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke in a speech at the Economic Club of New York warned the economy faced tough prospects despite the government's $700 billion rescue plan aimed at bolstering the U.S. financial system. "Stabilization of the financial markets is a critical first step, but even if they stabilize as we hope they will, broader economic recovery will not happen right away," Mr. Bernanke said. "Ultimately, the trajectory of economic activity beyond the next few quarters will depend greatly on the extent to which financial and credit markets return to more normal functioning." Mr. Bernanke noted that the economy had been decelerating even before the September shock to financial markets. He ticked off a broadening list of troubles that now weigh on it: slower exports from a global slowdown, nagging declines in home prices, slower consumer spending and business investment, and the time that it will take for credit markets to unfreeze after the government's dramatic steps this week. Mr. Bernanke subtly left open the possibility of interest-rate cuts in the weeks or months ahead, noting inflation pressures have receded as a result of falling commodities prices. But it's far from clear how much effect further rate cuts would have. Investors have been demanding huge premiums -- known on Wall Street as spreads -- over benchmark interest rates to make loans to businesses and households. As long as these spreads remain large, the benefits of rate cuts are diminished. A big priority for now remains calming the fear that has swept through financial markets. That would make financial institutions more willing to lend at narrowed spreads. Evidence is mounting that the U.S. is likely to experience a far worse downturn than the 2001 or 1990-91 recessions. Job losses started at the beginning of this year but started deepening last month, even before the worst of the credit crisis struck. The degree of the declines is sapping consumer incomes after a decade showing few earnings gains for most Americans. In Seattle, 25-year-old Web developer Scott Krager is curtailing his spending -- especially on eating out -- and now rarely pays full price for anything. Recently, when he needed to purchase new khaki pants after his older ones were ruined in the dryer, Mr. Krager visited a Kohl's department store for the first time and bought two pairs using a $5-off coupon. "Overall, you can tell that it's not 2003 or 2004 anymore," said Mr. Krager. "It's the first time my generation has really felt the effect of any kind of pull back." The Co
Firearm Testing Wall
Firearm Testing Wall
We set out yesterday to find a few cushions for our place. You might have noticed this is not a picture of a cushion. That's because in the end we didn't get any cuhions; somewhere along the way we found a great piece of furniture in a funky used furniture store on 1st ave (The Recycled Home Company). The store has proudly kept the wall used by a previous tenant as a shooting range; the wall is in the state they found it. UPDATE: If you want to see the furniture, you'll just have to come by for tea. We'll get those cushoins, by and by.

used furniture stores seattle