How To Make Shaker Furniture

how to make shaker furniture
    shaker furniture
  • Shaker furniture is a distinctive style of furniture developed by the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing (aka Shakers), a religious sect founded by Jane and James Wardley. They came to America from Manchester, England in 1774 led by Mother Ann Lee.
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how to make shaker furniture - Convertible Crib/full
Convertible Crib/full Bed Furniture Woodworking Plans
Convertible Crib/full Bed Furniture Woodworking Plans
A Convertible Crib is a beautiful investment, crafted in a traditional, classy design that will last for years. The crib features adjustable height mattress platform for baby's safety. This crib converts to a full-size bed. No special crib hardware is is necessary. Overall dimension: Crib: 58"W 30 1/2"D 48"H Full Bed: 58"W 78 1/2"L 48"H Note: This item is for woodworking plans (instructions) how to build the convertible crib on the picture only. Wood, hardware and other materials to build it are NOT included.

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Candy Cane Starburst ~ Christmas 2010
Candy Cane Starburst ~ Christmas 2010
I can't really explain in just a few words exactly why I enjoy creating great gifts for people so much. I enjoy the creativity of it. I like to share things with people that I know they will appreciate and things that will make their lives easier and their hearts happy. I love their comments about the packaging being a gift in itself. I love how some recipients carefully disassemble each piece and others rip right through it like the world is going to come to an end if they don't get to the good stuff ... the contents ... the real gift ... now! I guess I just enjoy that whole process. It's also a hobby that fits the size of my life. I've never owned a square inch of this earth. I live in a 600 square foot space that I rent. I'm very grateful for these 600 square feet. They've been good to me. I've cared for them well, and I've lived in them happily and successfully for twenty-two years. I've had twenty-seven people over for supper in this space. I've hosted our men's Bible study group here many times, studying and praying with some of the most spiritually-minded men that I've ever known ... guys who understand the value and the strength of reflecting Jesus clearly to this world through their lives ... humbly, gently, quietly. For seven and a half years, a great youth ministry flourished from this little corner of the world. And over a span of two decades, I've been blessed with a strong, life-changing relationship with our Father, Jesus and His Holy Spirit in this house. Living in this little place has helped me to understand and appreciate some incredible lyrics penned by Fernando Ortega, "You can have all this world, but give me Jesus." He doesn't need a lot of space to deliver undeserved forgiveness, deep inner peace, contentment in the depths of the soul and overflowing joy. This is a good place for me to be. What I have learned and experienced here helps me be good to others. I've got friends who own land, and they hunt, camp and fish. I've got friends who have money, and they travel to amazing places. I have friends who have large TVs, and they sit and watch them ( I don't recommend that one). I have friends who are social and political movers and shakers, and they move and shake. And I love that. I have a drop-leaf table, some great papers, some cool gifts and a camera, and I create gifts that I believe make people feel special ... important ... and loved. And I love that. We all do what works within the space we've been given, and it all comes together to make a pretty fascinating and enjoyable world. I guess it would be possible to camp out in my living room, but the hunting and fishing parts wouldn't work too well. Thirty feet is as far as you can travel in any one direction in this house, and some furniture would have to be moved to get into the beginning and ending corners of that little trip. Watching TV isn't an option because I don't have one ... one of the greatest decisions of my life. Times with friends and family work well here, and voting gets taken care of on a consistent basis, but not in here. However, lots of great gifts get wrapped and photographed in here before being whisked out the door on their way to their new homes. That makes me happy. I've got a great little life, and I love sharing it with others. I guess that's why I enjoy creating great gifts for people so much. Create some great gifts for the people in your life. Their friendships are the greatest gifts on earth. === Here's the scoop on these packages: The papers and prints are a fun mix from Hollander's, Paper Mojo and iStockPhoto. I love that grungy candy cane starburst design. Something told me it would make a crazy cool package, and it did. It makes such a bold statement that I just used it as is ... no embellishments ... perfect for an eighteen-year-old ... quick ... simple ... memorable. He tore into it! The green and white fleur-de-lis paper is accented with metallic gold highlights. It's simply one of the most beautiful papers I've ever worked with. Kudos to the designer. The same goes for that red, marbled paper. It's simply stunning and serves as a great backdrop for the laser-cut wooden snowflakes (an Etsy purchase) on the top and sides. On my budget, these specialty papers are only affordable for small gifts, but the longest dimensions of these boxes averaged five inches, so they were a good match this time around. The ribbons are pretty simple and inexpensive ... grosgrain ... sheer ... satin with gold highlights ... and a dark green cord to add texture to the gift for my brother. I loved the contents ... personalized, handmade mugs for everyone ... one of those surprises that is actually fun. The boxes without bows all contained some small bills and were wrapped at the last second ... literally an hour before they opened them (I always do that). Some hard things hit our family this year, and I simply ran out of time for Christmas shopping. (Note to self: Nobody complained abo
Home Staging Tips - Basements
Home Staging Tips - Basements
Whether you're doing home staging to sell or just updating your house for yourself, a basement bar is a fun element that can add excitement to your home. Here are a few basement bar ideas to get you started on your new home addition. The Bar First, you'll have to install the bar itself. Whether you build one yourself or buy one that's pre-made, make sure it looks good and gives plenty of room for friends to sit and hang out. Drinks & Snacks Next, you'll have to stock up on drinks and snacks and get a refrigerator, ice machine, blender, shakers, and different kinds of snazzy glasses and platters to server your guests with. Seating Options Four barstools should be enough for your average basement bar but this will be determined by the size of the bar itself. In addition to these you should have a couch or two and maybe even two or three small tables with chairs. Of course this depends on the size of your basement and how many people you plan on having over at once. Entertainment Entertainment is the final touch to your new basement bar as you want people to have a good time and be able to relax. Having a large TV with surround sound speakers that is visible to everyone in the room, is perfect for sports parties, movie nights, etc. Music is also very important as it provides the backdrop for a good night out. Play it through the TV speakers for that surround sound experience. To go the extra mile, get a billiards table and a few decks of cars to make your basement a game room as well as a bar. These home staging tips will give your basement an element of excitement.

how to make shaker furniture
how to make shaker furniture
00-204, 3-Piece Cabinet Makers Mission Door Router Bit Set
Make authentic 19th century Shaker style doors and cabinetry with this 3-Piece Shaker style cabinet door set. The 22.5° Raised Panel bit and our 15° Rail & Stile matched set allow you to quickly make or restore furniture originally popular in the 19th century. Use Rail and Stile with stock from ?" to 7/8" thick. Use the raised panel bit to machine the 5/8" thick panel stock to get a ?" thick tongue so it fits in the door frame. Then turn the panel 180° to expose the flat side of the door panel (profile towards the back of the door). This elegant design is timeless and will make your kitchen look like a million bucks. Cabinet door production has never been more easy or satisfying than with our 3-piece Cabinet Door making sets. This set is loaded with great features and includes every router bit you'll need for making attractive raised panel doors.

Your 3-Piece Cabinet Door Set Includes:

90-506. 22.5° Shaker Profile Raised Panel Bit:
With a smooth cutting shear action and an anti-kickback design, our panel bits are made with your safety in mind. For maximum versatility we have left the back cutter off of this panel bit so it can be used for making both 5/8" as well as 3/4" thick panels. The profile width of this bit is 1-1/8" and the overall diameter is 3".

91-505. 15° Shaker profile matched Rail and Stile Set:
Like all of our bits, this set is C.N.C. ground and factory matched to ensure a snug fit. Profile width for this bit set is 7/16".

All bits are 1/2" shank and the set comes with our attractive wood case.