Brandon J. Pugh, President & CEO

Mr. Pugh serves as the President and CEO of American Consulting and Training LLC (ACT). In this capacity, Brandon directs the administrative side of ACT and coordinates directly with client management. His personal background in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and in hazardous materials as a HazMat Specialist. Brandon holds Homeland Security's highest discipline specific designation, the Master Continuity Practitioner (MCP), which has been earned by less than three hundred professionals nationwide in the last eight years.

Previously, Brandon worked for the State of New Jersey, where he assisted with the coordination of nongovernmental organizations/faith based organizations and volunteers in preparation for large scale events and disasters, including the Iron Man US Championship and Super Bowl XLVIII. He also conducted outreach to over sixty educational institutions to provide youth and collegiate volunteerism across the State. During Hurricane Irene, Brandon provided volunteer coordination assistance on behalf of the office to multiple entities, including serving on special assignment with the American Red Cross as the Regional Manager of Spontaneous Volunteers. He is credited with making the first directory of NGO and FBO response agencies in the State. He continues to serve on the Governor's Advisory Council on Volunteerism as an appointed member. Brandon’s early positions included medical and disaster assistance work in Argentina, the Czech Republic, and Puerto Rico.

In addition, Brandon has a background working with school districts. He proudly serves on his local board of education as an elected Board Member/Vice President, where he chairs the Policy & Governance Committee and he served on the School Security Task Force. Brandon is a past member and section author of the New Jersey School Board's Association Task Force on School Safety, charged with looking at ways to improve school safety across the State of New Jersey. He is also a past-president of a county school boards association and is currently Vice President for Legislation/Resolutions of the state association.

Brandon has spoken and taught in various venues, including at public and private colleges/universities, at numerous conferences and seminars, and he has had multiple radio and television appearances. Brandon is an avid writer, including being published in several national publications, authoring a state law, and writing a monthly column. Brandon’s latest work is a report on the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium’s First Responder Training Network, which was published internationally. Brandon has served in several advisory capacities, including for members of the state legislature, business leaders, and different political campaigns, including being a County Emergency Services Chair for a governor’s campaign and a subject matter expert for a presidential campaign.

Brandon holds many certificates and certifications from a variety of agencies, including from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Homeland Security, among others. Brandon holds many certificates through FEMA's Master Trainer Program and has advanced CBRNE training. Brandon's academic coursework is through The College of New Jersey (Political Science), New Mexico Tech University (Chemical Engineering/Explosive Management), and Rutgers Law. His is also a Staff Editor with the Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare.

Brandon has been awarded/recognized by President Obama, Governor Christie, and Members of Congress, among others.

Brandon can be reached directly by clicking here.