• US Department of Homeland Security: ACT proudly instructs numerous courses that have been designed and approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), including the Incident Management System courses (ICS). Our instructors are qualified through the department to teach these courses.
  • New Mexico Tech Energetic Material Research and Training Center (EMRTC): The energetic material courses are designed and authorized by EMRTC, which provides state of the art and expert curriculum.
  • Center For Radiological/Nuclear Training (CTOS): The radiological and nuclear courses are developed by CTOS/University of Nevada in conjunction with the US Department of Homeland Security.
  • NJ Division of Fire Safety: For those who obtain certain combinations of Incident Command System (ICS) courses through ACT, in conjunction with National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) courses, Incident Management Certifications (I, II, and III) can be given through the Division of Fire Safety.
  • New Jersey Office of Emergency Medical Services (NJOEMS): For select courses offered, CEUs can be awarded for New Jersey EMTs and Paramedics. If a course you would like designed for your agency does not currently qualify for CEUs, we would be more willing to submit a request to potentially have the course qualify.
Advance notification is required if your organization would like CEUs to be offered or Incident Management Certifications to be issued.