Clarinet Easy Music

clarinet easy music
  • A woodwind instrument with a single-reed mouthpiece, a cylindrical tube of dark wood with a flared end, and holes stopped by keys. The most common forms are tuned in B flat, A, and E flat
  • (clarinetist) a musician who plays the clarinet
  • a single-reed instrument with a straight tube
  • An organ stop with a tone resembling that of a clarinet
  • The clarinet is a musical instrument that is a part of the woodwind family. The name derives from adding the suffix -et (meaning little) to the Italian word clarino (meaning a type of trumpet), as the first clarinets had a strident tone similar to that of a trumpet.
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clarinet easy music - Saxophone &
Saxophone & Clarinet: An Easy Guide To Reading Music, Playing Your First Piece, Enjoying The Instrument
Saxophone & Clarinet: An Easy Guide To Reading Music, Playing Your First Piece, Enjoying The Instrument
Whether in a classical piece or a lively jazz improvisation, the lovely tones of the sax and clarinet are delightful to hear--and a pleasure to make. With this easy-to-follow guide, a beginner will soon understand how the instruments work and how to assemble them, get the science behind the sound, master musical language and the techniques for fingering and tonguing, and play such pieces as a theme and variations by Mozart and George Gershwin's "Summertime," Charts throughout provide at-a-glance guidance that novices will appreciate.

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Reginald Robinson Sextet
Reginald Robinson Sextet
Nearly 20 years after his emergence as a young, self-starting, against-the-grain ragtime pianist and composer, Reginald Robinson remains one of the great underdog stories to come out of the Chicago music scene. As you might guess in an era of hip-hop, techno-pop and neo-soul, many years removed from the boost Scott Joplin’s music got from Marvin Hamlisch and “The Sting”, it hasn’t been easy for Robinson to get his works performed, critical acclaim notwithstanding. And when he is called upon, it’s usually as a solo artist, not as the leader of a band. Robinson was considering calling it quits when a 2004 MacArthur Fellowship came to the rescue. With the institutional support, he was able to re-commit himself to his craft, re-record his songs and expand his repertoire. In collaboration with the multi-talented arranger Stu Greenspan, with whom Robinson worked at the Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre, he has realized a longstanding aim of devising both ragtime and modern-style pieces for a sextet. Neither a nostalgist nor an imitator, Robinson is a true American original. Today, he’ll perform with Greenspan, bass; Tim McNamara, clarinet and saxophones; Robert Griffin of 8 Bold Souls, trumpet; Steve Berry of New Horizons Ensemble, trombone, and Rob Dicke, drums. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 Jazz & Heritage Stage Reginald Robinson Sextet 12:30 – 1:30 pm
Paul J Abbot
Paul J Abbot
Call it what you will, Departure Lounge will be in Walker Art Gallery from 12.00noon until 4.00pm on Saturday 27 February 2010, performing improvised music, responding to the art which is found there, and also taking an offbeat look at northern folk music. Paul J Abbott - Clarinet, Voice, Guitar, digital stuff Rob Clarke - Guitar, Mandolin James Stephenson - Oboes, thumb piano, percussion, brain! and a big welcome to the newest Lounger: Helen Temperley - Viola The afternoon will feature a performance of a new work by Paul J Abbott, for Voice and Art Gallery using live processing, and taking the human voice to interesting and unusal sonic places. (if you've ever heard Paul's approach to extended vocal techniques then you'll know what that's about). Who know's what is going to happen. You can wander around the gallery while you are listening, drop in for an hour or come for the whole thing. We really dont mind. This is an event not a concert so you are free to enjoy the gallery. We will be inviting visitors to the Gallery to contribute in various ways to the performance and responding to the vibe in the space. The Gallery is a stone's throw from Liverpool Lime Street Station, so its very easy to find. What's more, this is FREE, thanks to the lovely people At Liverpool Museums, and The Musicians' Gallery Project.

clarinet easy music
clarinet easy music
Belwin Master Duets (Clarinet), Vol 1: Easy
A proven source of graded duets for both the student and teacher of brass and woodwind instruments. Each volume contains works from the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical periods, folk songs and traditional tunes, and a selection of original compositions by Keith Snell in a variety of styles. A useful source of repertoire. Contains: Allegro (Mozart)
* Andantino (Haydn)
* Bouree in F from ""The Water Music"" (Handel)
* Bouree (Handel)
* Bransle de la Torche (Praetorius)
* Cavatine (Mozart)
* Down in the Willow Gardens (American Traditional)
* The Eddystone Light (British Folk Song)
* English Ballad (Traditional)
* Etude in D (Snell)
* Four Little Dances (Snell)
* German Dance (Beethoven)
* Hopscotch (Snell)
* The Hunt (Snell)
* The Keeper (British Folk Song)
* Landler from ""Hommage aux Belles Viennoises"" (Schubert)
* Macpherson's Farewell (Scottich Folk Song)
* March (Handel)
* Marsch (Bach)
* Minuet (Telemann)
* Passepied (Handel)
* Rigaudon (Fischer)
* Road Runner (Snell)
* Slurs & Ties (Snell)
* Summer Song (Snell).