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Acid test, bear hug, CLM, cash cow, mushroom job, turkey trot, round file, mcjob, poison pill, SNAFU or painting the tape?*

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 Recent Business Jargon:

HELOC.  Home Equity Line of Credit

SWF. Sovereign Wealth Fund

"upside down." In mortgage markets, a situation where borrowers owe more than what their home is currently worth.

 "open the kimono." When companies reveal their financial condition.

"yield to worst." A callable bond's yield to the call date.

"jingle mail."  Banks receiving mail containing the keys to houses that borrowers are defaulting on.

*Acid test is a financial test of solvency comparing a firm's liquid assets and liabilities.  A bear hug is the rescue of a company from a hostile takeover.  CLM is a career-limiting move.  A cash cow is a business in a slow growth market that generates surplus revenue.  A mushroom job is efforts to deceive others.  Turkey trot refers to the shuffling of ineffective employees from one department to another.  A round file is a waste basket. A mcjob is any low-level, distasteful job.  A poison pill is a financial maneuver to avoid being taken over by another firm.  SNAFU refers to Situation Normal, All Fouled Up.  Painting the tape is an illegal stock market tactic of dividing a large order into many small orders to give the appearance of purchases by many buyers.

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