Mineral Make Up Brushes

mineral make up brushes
    make up
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  • A thin stick set with long wire bristles, used to make a soft hissing sound on drums or cymbals
  • (brush) an implement that has hairs or bristles firmly set into a handle
mineral make up brushes - Flower Cosmetic
Flower Cosmetic and Makeup Brush Holder - Organizer
Flower Cosmetic and Makeup Brush Holder - Organizer
Flower Shaped Makeup Brush and cosmetic holder. Clear acrylic. About 3 inch High x 3 inch Wide. This beautiful acrylic cosmetic holder will hold 12 cosmetic items. There are six large and six small slots. The large slot is approximately 1" diameter and 1 3/8" tall. They are perfect for items such as foundation stick, cheek color, lip gel, lip stick and makeup brushes. The small slots are approximately 3/8" diameter and 1 3/8" tall . The diameter of the base measures approximately 3.5". Beautiful way to display your beauty products and keep your favorites within easy reach!

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#149: Photo of Ritual
#149: Photo of Ritual
In the last year, I've discovered what every 16 year old girl knows: make-up is fun! After decades of not wearing any or very little, I found myself getting "made over" at a Bare Minerals store in the Mall. Surprise, their make up was none of the things I've always hated about make-up: hard to blend, too time-consuming, too much to remember, icky feeling on my skin. This stuff is natural minerals and it all goes on lightly with brushes. It's like painting. Or rather, according to the effect, like airbrushing. It really, really does work. And it takes about 5 minutes and is idiot-proof. So this has become my morning ritual.
What's in my make-up bag ? June 2010
What's in my make-up bag ? June 2010
Second one in the series ;D There's this myth going around about my passion for make-up that says, since I love expensive stuff so much, my make-up kit has it all. Well, that's not true haha. I get Mary Kay cosmetics free (mom is a consultant) and most of what you see here were actual gifts from the Bun or so. If it's free, I won't complain ;D This is my on-the-go kit, I don't think I could put together my entire collection, although it's mainly built up with Mary Kay, Eyeko, Smashbox, M.A.C. & E.l.f. + new Coastal Scents additions.

mineral make up brushes
mineral make up brushes
FASH Brush Set, 18 pcs
Now get 18 essential brushes in a luxurious faux leather pouch. Just perfect for your professional or personal uses. Each brush is covered with a clear plastic so that your brushes will remain clean. We believe in providing the highest levels of satisfaction to our customers. Quality Makeup brushes are the most important makeup tools. Our makeup brushes let you put on makeup with complete ease thus giving you the stunning look you have always wanted. A perfect brush set with your favorite FASH Eyeshadow Palette. We take pride in our products and we know you will feel the same way. FASH has been loved by thousands and once you apply cosmetics from FASH you will not need any other brand. Why go to a professional salon, when you can now with the help of FASH Cosmetics give yourself a makeover for affordable prices and great quality.