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Make Games Up

make games up
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For location class: portraits and related still lives. surprisingly, this is only lit with one strobe and an umbrella in my bathtub. the set up was quite humorous. I realized after doing this project that I stereotyped everyone I shot. the women (my mother and I) are both doing domestic, feminine things (laundry, putting make up on), and the teenager is playing video games. whatever. anyway, I cleaned my bathroom specifically for this shot, and I stood on the toilet to get this, which was fun.
make up games! :)
make up games!  :)
Une vue rapprochee de mon modele prise en studio,j'aurais aimer avoir un objo macro pour avoir encore plus de details mais bon.... c'est deja pas mal! merci d'avance pour vos commentaires et critiques constructives!!!!!!! :) (ps,je recherche modeles hommes et femmes pour du nu artistique, pas serieux s'abstenir).... © All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal. © Tous droits reserves. L'utilisation sans ma permission est illegale

make games up