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free barbie make up games
    make up
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  • A barbecue
  • "Barbie" is a song written by Bruce Morgan. After already having the instrumental track recorded, the vocals were recorded Feb. 8, 1962 by Brian Wilson of the American pop band The Beach Boys and the Wilsons' mother Audree during their early years as a recording group.
  • Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy-company Mattel, Inc. and launched in March 1959. American businesswoman Ruth Handler is credited with the creation of the doll using a German doll called Bild Lilli as her inspiration.
  • Since her film debut in 1987 in ', Barbie has been a virtual actress starring in several feature films and short films.
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Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil
Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil
The good... the bad... the Twitchy. The sequel finds our heroine, Red (Hayden Panettiere), training with a mysterious covert group called the Sisters of the Hood. But Red is forced to cut her training short when she gets an urgent call from Nicky Flippers (David Ogden Stiers), the head of the super secret Happily Ever After Agency, aka the HEA. A wicked witch (Joan Cusack) has abducted two innocent children, Hansel (Bill Hader) and Gretel (Amy Poehler), and Nicky needs the whole Hoodwinked gang -- Red, Granny (Glenn Close), the ever-clueless Wolf (Patrick Warburton) and his over-caffeinated little partner, Twitchy (Cory Edwards) -- for the search and rescue mission.

Finding one's true path is a difficult process, and Red Riding Hood is finding it doubly complicated since she's desperate to live up to her grandmother's reputation as a legendary Sister of the Hood. While Red Riding Hood is sequestered for some very special secret training, the Big Bad Wolf, Granny, Twitchy, and the rest of the Happily Ever After Agency (HEA) are feeling the absence of one of their key agents. When Hansel and Gretel are kidnapped by the Wicked Witch, Wolf and Twitchy's plan to rescue the kids goes awry and Granny is captured. The HEA calls Red back into action and the race is on to save the children, Granny, and the Sisters of the Hood's secret recipe for the all-powerful Black Forest Cake Batter Truffles. The obstacles, twists, turns, and unexpected villains are many and Red and each member of her team find themselves severely tested. In the end, teamwork and forgiveness provide the only glimmers of hope for defeating the enemy and ensuring a "Happily Ever After" for the world. Like Hoodwinked, Hoodwinked Too! offers up classic fairy tales with some serious twists, a healthy dose of humor, and satirical references to classic films that include everything from Silence of the Lambs to Star Wars. The pacing lags a bit in places and sometimes the goofball comedy is a bit over the top, but the film is both clever and entertaining, and the comedic talents of Patrick Warburton, Glenn Close, Joan Cusack, Hayden Panettiere, David Ogden Stiers, Cory Edwards, Bill Hader, and Amy Poehler don't go unappreciated. (Ages 7 and older) --Tami Horiuchi

76% (11)
"THROW ANOTHER PRAWN ON THE BARBIE.." I'd just been reading the August 30th free weekly magazine "City" and was about to toss it into the Recycle Bin when I noticed that the issue contained a review of "District 9" and, a few pages earlier, a picture of....a prawn! That's Madeline Swain's review, by the way, and she liked the film too! Here's my review: DISTRICT 9 Feature Film Directed by Neill Blonkamp Screenplay by Neill Blonkamp and Terri Tatchell 2009 112 minutes New Zealand/South Africa Opening with its tongue firmly in alternate history cheek the feisty Science Fictional “District 9” postulates that twenty eight years ago a vast alien starship took up station above Johannesburg, South Africa. Years later, the million strong number of insectoid extraterrestrials discovered locked aboard, live slummed together in ghetto conditions in the shadow of the massive but inert vessel, festering hopelessly under the essentially thuggish guard of mercenary contractor Multinational United and the Nigerian gangs who’ve infiltrated “District 9”. By the way, old S.F airlock farts like myself will tell you that the big city-hovering alien spaceship goes back in the genre well before “Independence Day” and “V” to Arthur C. Clarke’s novel “Childhood’s End”, and beyond. (Good on me!) Enter midlevel functionary Wikus van der Merwe, an M.N.U field officer who’s been given the the thankless job of overseeing the relocation of the aliens to a new camp away from the city. It’s a public relations, inhuman rights and logistical nightmare where the dichotomy of attitudes to long term refugee camps is constantly underlined by polite, recorded admonishments to the mercs that “A smile is cheaper than a bullet”, even as they lock and load their automatic weapons. Wikus gamely tries to hyperactively muscle up to the task, though it’s clear he’s such a well machined cog in the M.N.U apparatus that he doesn’t see anything wrong with calling the aliens “The Prawn” (actually a reference to a type of large South African cricket ironically dubbed ‘Parktown Prawns’) as he sets about cheerfully evicting them from their shanty town shacks ‘for their own good.” The operation progressively goes pear shaped in the full glare of the media spotlight that’s being shone upon him by an embedded documentary crew. It’s not until he stumbles across a dangerous alien artefact that the hapless Wikus realises just how toxic the poisoned chalice he’s been handed really is. Before he has time to shout “Be afraid, be very afraid...” Wikus experiences a life changing event which will have implications for all man, and indeed alien, kind. I had the story arc sussed quite early in the piece (well, y’know!) but the ambiguous relationship between Wikus and the aliens literally evolves constantly as Wikus gets more than a taste of humanity’s own medicine. South Africa’s history carries with it the shabby baggage of racial discrimination and segregation and Blonkamp’s confronting, relentlessly paced movie reflects that back at us in the distorting mirror of the humans’ complex interaction with the stranded aliens. Improvising his way through the dialogue actor Sharlto Copley delivers an energetically nervous performance as Wikus, in a nicely judged tragicomic turn that has an unusually unsympathetic ugly side. The bureaucrat’s “Road To Damascus” conversion doesn’t come easily ! Copley is also Neill Blomkamp’s business partner and a director/writer and producer of genre short films in his own right. The aliens are also depicted with inflected flair, with the story avoiding the temptation to make them out as being all cut from the same mould. They’re both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ with their characters understandably influenced by their terrible circumstances, on top of the fact that they’re...well...aliens! It’s no longer hard to think of Computer Generated characters as giving performances and the illusion of the main alien character, unceremoniously dubbed “Christopher”, is so evocatively sustained that I want to shake his, er mandible, as he goes to collect his Academy Award. A professional animator since age sixteen, this is Neill Blomkamp’s impressive debut feature, but his short films (including one upon which “District 9” was based) and advertisements clearly demonstrate his adeptness at blending digital effects with brightly lit real world environments. His special effects laden C.V includes genre shows like “Stargate SG-1”, “Dark Angel”, “Smallville” and the Citroen C4 “Car that transforms into a dancing robot” commercial. He’s also created some very neat shorts for the “Halo” game, and would’ve helmed the movie adaptation. You can see why producer Peter Jackson tapped him for this project when that fell through. On the subject of mecha, “District 9” includes some terrific power armoured suit action that made me weep oily lubricant tears all over again for the missed opportunity of the loathsome “Starshi
barbie in the forest
barbie in the forest
Not a place we usually found trash, this was in Pachaug State Forest where Chris had over sixty traps that we had to tend. It was hard work, challenging and stimulating. It rained and rained for the first half of the summer. I used to tell people that it was like being a contestant on Survivor. The forest, which is a big one, was beautiful and not much used by people. In Connecticut, people are much more likely to spend a free afternoon shopping than they are to take a walk in the woods. In makes me sad, but the state is so highly populated that if everyone did go into the woods, the woods would be a bit scruffier for it. I'm really grateful to Chris for the opportunity to spend so much time working in the woods. It was wonderful. I saw this doll and imagined some little girl tagging along with her more adventurous older siblings, trying desperately to keep up with them. They would be the children who used one of our traps for target practice, shooting it with harmless round and orange plastic pellets, some of which ended up on the pine needles beneath our feet. Frisky kids, but not too bad. Just right, in fact. But the little girl was either afraid she'd get lost, or else completely caught up in the game. So she dropped Barbie and left her behind, forgotten in the moment. Barbie is a city gal. She hasn't taken to her time in the forest. I think she's just waiting for G.I. Joe or Tarzan to come and rescue her. She'll be waiting a long damn time too.

free barbie make up games
free barbie make up games
Barbie: A Perfect Christmas
Join BarbieTM and her sisters SkipperTM, StacieTM and Chelsea TM as their holiday vacation plans turn into a most unexpected adventure and heartwarming lesson. After a snowstorm diverts their plane, the girls find themselves far from their New York destination and their holiday dreams. Now stranded at a remote inn in the tiny town of Tannenbaum, the sisters are welcomed by new friends and magical experiences. In appreciation for the wonderful hospitality they receive, they use their musical talents to put on a performance for the whole town. BarbieTM and her sisters realize the joy of being together is what really makes A Perfect Christmas! Directed by: Owen Hurley