American Archaeology Abroad holds an annual competition for scholarships for undergraduate students to attend archaeological excavations abroad. Current funding allows for one award of $1500 per year, but we intend to expand this program in future years to accommodate additional students. These competitions promote the organization’s goals of supporting archaeological excavations while also supporting the education of future archaeologists.

The Al and Margaret Cohen American Archaeology Abroad Fellowship

Established with the generous support of Al and Margaret Cohen, this annual fellowship program awards a $1500 fellowship stipend to an American undergraduate student to help pay expenses associated with participation in an overseas excavation project.

The fellowship is open to students enrolled in an American college or university. Applicants must be majoring in archaeology or a related discipline or able to demonstrate an intention to declare such a major field of study. Applicants must be at least 18 years old. The committee will consider both past academic achievement and potential for contribution to the field of archaeology as criteria for selection.

Al and Margaret Cohen American Archaeology Abroad Fellows are required to blog about their experience weekly on the AAA website and to submit a final report regarding their experience suitable for publication on our website.

Application Process

The application deadline for consideration for a 2013 fellowship is April 1, 2013.

All applications must be made electronically. Submissions via postal mail, fax, or any other means will NOT receive consideration. Please review the information below prior to completing the application form.

All applicants must submit the following:

        1. Completed Application Form:     .PDF    or    .DOCX

        2. Letter of intent detailing the excavation program in which you will be participating and how the program will help you achieve your long-term educational and career goals.

        3. Current Resume/Curriculum Vitae.

        4. Current Transcripts.

        5. Letters of recommendation from two individuals familiar with your personal and academic achievements.

        6. Proof of acceptance to an archaeological excavation program.

        7. Confirmation email from the excavation director that the excavation will grant you permission to blog and report about your experiences on their excavation. Please send this informational form to the expedition director.

Please send the materials listed above in .PDF format as email attachments to: 

Jonathan K. David, Fellowship Coordinator:

Fellowship Recipient Responsibilities

Successful fellowship applicants will receive notice and disbursement of funds by May 1, 2013.

Fellowship recipients must agree to the following terms before funds will be distributed:

        1. Recipients will blog about their experience once a week during the excavation season. This text and photo blog will appear on our website.

        2. Recipients will submit a final report on their experiences suitable for publication on this website within 30 days of the completion of field work.

**Recipients are required to return the award if for any reason the approved excavation is canceled or the recipient is unable to attend.