Loving Family Dollhouse Furniture Bathroom

loving family dollhouse furniture bathroom
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loving family dollhouse furniture bathroom - Fisher Price
Fisher Price Loving FamilyTM Grand Dollhouse Super Set (Caucasian Family)
Fisher Price Loving FamilyTM Grand Dollhouse Super Set (Caucasian Family)
The Grand Dollhouse is even grander when it comes with lots of furniture! This Super Set is complete with Living Room, Bathroom and Kitchen sets, so it's move-in ready for the family of four to enjoy. ? Beautiful Victorian styling, 8 extra-large rooms, and a family with twins to enjoy it all! ? House opens wide for easy access; folds up with accessories stored inside ? Sweet colors, charming details and lots of special touches ? Includes baby twins, Mom, Dad, dining room table, 2 chairs and 2 booster seats ? Everyone likes to relax in the Living Room with its comfy chair, bookcase, 2 tables, dog with puppies, and accessories ? Spa-like Bathroom has opening vanity drawers, soft towels and rug, and other luxurious touches ? Up-to-date Kitchen has refrigerator that opens, and special cooktop sounds ? Requires 3 AAA batteries

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I made this dollhouse in about an hour. The measurements are: 24 inches high / 36" long / 18 inches deep. I am very satisfied with these dimensions. I choose to to build it because I could find no cube tall enough. My one requirement was to not have the ceiling too low because I have claustrophobia and so I assume my girls do also. (Probably not Holly.) I have an extra piece of board. When I want to do a photo with a dining room I will put the board in front of the kitchen and set it up. Right now it is on top of the house. My major problem will be lighting it for photos. I had to use a flash which I do not like to use when taking photos of the girls. I am sure that a light wallpaper or paint job would help lighten it up - more on that in a a moment. This was incredibly easy to built. It is two cubes. The bathroom and kitchen are seperated by a board slid in. I called the lumberyard that we use at work and spoke to Perry. He told me to come in and pick my wood. He suggested a half inch thick wood. He was very helpful. Katja told me when I saw her dollhouse that the wood was bending and her husband thought thicker wood would have been better. When I arrived at the lumberyard he was not there. Another man told me that a 1/4 inch would be better. Cheaper and more light weight and that it was ok for using as a dollhouse. I allowed myself to be persuaded. The one and only problem I had was that 1/4 inch was too thin. Each time I nailed an edge if I moved it the weight of the wood would simply pull away from the nails. This dollhouse is secure but I will not move it. I can not hammer nails for pictures as it will mess it up. I mean it is sturdy enough that it is not going to fall apart but I would like to move it around. My plan is to wait until the weather is warmer and get 1/2 inch pieces. I will take my time and paint and wallpaper it. In the meantime I have this perfectly good, if dark dollhouse. If you want to make it you need four pieces 36 inches by 18 inches and five pieces 18 inches by 24 inches in 1/2" thick pieces. The back should be 1/4" wood 2 pieces 36 x24. The wall hanging were given to me by kitkatkamera in a package of beautiful fabric she sent me. The bathroom rugs were also. The frame in the kitchen was given to me by Blytheowl. The cereal and gallon of milk were given to me by Pammysblythes. My mom made the the round kitchen rug years ago. Thank you to Threadough for encouragement. And to Katie because so much of these items are from her dollhouse. The girls love it and there will be pictures of them soon if I can work out the light. I am slightly annoyed at them for leaving out records in the living room without there covers.
...erm, dollhouses! Still very much a work in progress. I haven't put the backing on the 2 side houses yet...I need to buy more scrapbooking papers in pinky colors. Oh...had planned on putting the Blythe's on the top shelves(the only shelves they fit in)but the B's still seem too big for the space.

loving family dollhouse furniture bathroom