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Furniture Manufacturing In China

furniture manufacturing in china
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Good Cap Games Amazing Adventures The Forgotten Dynasty Unlock Interesting Facts In Journal Of China
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Hua Yu Furniture Limited
Hua Yu Furniture Limited
Hua Yu Furniture Limited locates in Panyu district,Guangzhou city,Guangdong Province,which is a professional manufacturer specializing in designing and producing furniture,our product range from fiberglass furniture,metal and wooden furniture. In the past 10 years, HuaYu furniture had been committed to quality furniture designing, developing and manufacturing.Factory covers an area of approximately 15,000 square meters. There are 5 R&D designers,10 technicians and a group of skilled workers with more than 10 years experience.HuaYu develop kinds of elegant,graceful,noble and practical furniture, especially the fiberglass series.HuaYu had built up a wide sale net with nice reputation which covers America,Europe and China's domestic market. HuaYu Furniture obtains recognition and high reputation from customers because we attach importance to the contracts, keep our promises, deliver cargos timely, and also our superior in quality and competitive price. In order to better meet customer's demands on development, HuaYu furniture will continue to develop trend-setting products and extend to a broader market, and to creat a better tomorrow with you!
old Alexander Manufacturing Company building pic 1
old Alexander Manufacturing Company building pic 1
i discovered this building by complete accident, as i was walking around the south part of downtown Bloomington, IL. it looks like it may've been either an old manufacturing company of some sort, or it was formerly an advertising company, but i couldn't determine for sure, as i don't know enough about Bloomington history to be able to tell what it was. regardless, i was very psyched to discover that there IS some urban decay near downtown Bloomington, if one looks carefully enough for it. anyway, this was located underneath the Center St. railroad overpass south of downtown Bloomington, IL(the Norfolk Southern tracks are to the right/north of this pic(plus a hiking trail parallels these tracks), and this pic is looking west).

furniture manufacturing in china
furniture manufacturing in china
Household Essentials MD-61 Five-Line Indoor/Outdoor Mini Retractable Clothes Dryer
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