Small bathroom decorating. Home interior wall decorations.

Small Bathroom Decorating

small bathroom decorating
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Bathroom Shelf Over Medicine Cabinet
Bathroom Shelf Over Medicine Cabinet
My bathroom has a cowboy theme that was inspired by a shower curtain I bought after seeing it in a decorating magazine. It is white with a black silkscreen of a bronc busting cowboy. I made the shelf originally to hold DVDs and videos. I have a bunch I made that were in my living room but we needed more space so we bought some IKEA stuff and moved these shelves to the bathroom. They look good in their since they are rather rustick and the antique-y blue looks good with the orange paint. I found the pink lantern at a thrift shop. I guy at a shop that refurbishes large kitchen appliances for resale gave me the covered wagon keresone lantern when we bought are stove. They had a little room in the bag for thrifted clothes and a counter up front for thrifted doo-dads like this. The smaller covered wagon is an Avon bottle my husband found for me.
New towel rack.
New towel rack.
Before, we had a very small mirrored medicine cabinet set up too high, and next to it on the wall by the sink was a towel ring - too far back, very hard for the kids to reach. This is a huge improvement - such a simple thing!

small bathroom decorating