Pool table room decor. French bakery decor.

Pool Table Room Decor

pool table room decor
    pool table
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Just Look Up ~ {EXPLORED}
Just Look Up ~ {EXPLORED}
Every now and then I like to go back and look through all the images I decided not to post as my shot of the day or looked over during my 50 Strangers in 50 Days project. One night while I was out bar hopping with a couple of friends, I came across this light fixture at one of the bars. The bar is called the Peacock Room. It was not really busy that night, so I was able to walk around and admire the art on the walls and the decor of the entire bar. Stationed over the red felt pool table were these umbrellas which made up this light fixture. One of my friends, Mike, had shot a similar image a long time ago, and I thought it had a cool look. When the opportunity appeared, I knew I wanted to attempt to capture this fixture in my own way. I would not have noticed this fixture, if I had not basically just looked up. I am learning to make that a habit when it comes to finding an image to capture for the day. Press "L" to see Larger and in Black Edit: Thank you to everyone that viewed, commented, and/or fav'd this image. This is my first image to get EXPLORED! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! To think I almost didn't post it.
Hotel reception - doorway to pool
Hotel reception - doorway to pool
We did the ceiling drape, and tree lights for this reception room. We also hung paper lanterns by the pool area where the band played. Table top decor was done by the bride.

pool table room decor