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Discount Makeup Websites

discount makeup websites
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Before & After Page Design
Before & After Page Design
Before and After magazine's focus on clarity and simplicity and its insistence on approaching design not as mere decoration but as an essential form of communication have won it legions of fans. If you're among them, you'll welcome the first book from B and A's founder and publisher. John McWade walks his own talk, bringing you a beautifully clear, cohesive, and elegant primer on page design. You'll learn by example how to design single-page and multi-page publications, brochures, and advertisements, applying the principles design professionals live by. You'll also learn how to choose the right font for your project, why one typeface works better than another, and lots more. Best of all, you'll discover how to think visually--transforming the images in your head into documents that communicate effectively on the page.

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Early June 2008
Early June 2008
It's summer time, and you know what that means: sales everywhere. At MAC, I (and thousands of others) cashed in on the Friends and Family 15% Discount and made a stop at the Pro Store. I picked up a couple of things from the Cool Heat collection: Warming Trend and Solar White eye shadows, High 90s and By Degrees Slimshines. Also, I got an EZ Baby Tendertone and Red Electric pigment (it's a little more pink than the orange that the picture gives off). I plan to use it for nail polish and lip gloss, and mixing it into clear mascara for my hair. At Sephora, I gave in and bought the limited edition Kenzo Amour Holi. It smells so nice and warm, and I love the touch of rose. Meanwhile, the stores under the Limited Brands were having their usual half-annual sales: At BBW, I picked up two Goldie lip conditioners, a C.O Bigelow mini Rose Water Tonic, and some anti-bac gel. At Victoria's Secret, I got a a nail polish in Cocktail. A couple of drugstore purchases here and there: Softlips, Sally Hansen top coat, and cheap Jane foundation. Finally, last but not least (and it's completely relevant that I saved this for last), the Shu Uemura palette. For nearly a year now, the Shu website claimed that there was a counter opening up in my local Neiman Marcus. I was excited. I was ecstatic. Except for the fact that they never seemed to open. I stopped by the NM every couple months, and to my dismay, the SAs would say, "oh yes, next month, I promise." This whole debacle started in August of last year. I got pretty fed up with it, but a couple of weeks ago, I stopped in to see if this mythical counter would ever show up. Lo and behold, there was empty space and lots of boxes. I was there on a Friday, and was told they would have everything set up by Monday, hopefully. (This was another lie.) I stopped back into the counter Wednesday of that next week, and barely 15% of the counter was set up. But the good news was that they could actually sell the some of the items that were out. I bought the 25th anniversary Fleur de Rose palette. Although the frustration of waiting for the counter still lingers, I can't wait for the future collections.

discount makeup websites
discount makeup websites
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